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I'm not used to translate anison, because I have no confidence in my translation orz.

Though, I tried.

This is not the official lyrics since the official one isn't out yet.
So, I apologize if I happen to misheard anything.



どうしても伝えたかったんだ (一瞬の夢の中)
繋いだ手はもう (奇跡の残し方を見守ってきた場所)
バラバラになる ひとつずつ消えてゆく
目覚める日へ とっとと走ってゆけ

祭りの後のようで さみしいだけ…

hitori ja samishii
dakara te wo tsunaidan dake
sore ja itsumademo kodomo no mama da

doushitemo tsutaekattanda (isshun no yume no naka)
tsunaida te wa mou (kiseki no nokoshikata wo mimamotte kita basho)
barabara ni naru hitotsuzutsu kieteyuku
mezameru hi e totto hashitte yuke

matsuri no ato no you de samishii dake

Being alone by myself is lonely,
So we just held our hands together.
Then, we'll always be kids forever.

I wanted to tell you no matter what (In the momentary dream)
Our connected hands (In the place where the miracle was being kept)
Were already separated and disappearing one by one.
I will run to the day I'm awakening to.

Only loneliness awaits after the festival...

I suck a this. I guess I won't translate the full version, since I bet a lot of people will do that better than me.