Annabel - Orbita - lyrics

Original: Potted One

Composer: Iuchi Maiko | 井内舞子
Arranger: MANYO (Little Wing)
Lyrics: MANYO (Little Wing)
English Lyrics: Ayaka | 綾菓

Vocal & Chorus: Annabel
A.Guitar, 12-string Guitar & E.Guitar: Watanabe Kenichi | 渡邉賢一
E.Bass: Ishii Yasuyuki | 石井康幸
Additional Track: Nagao Yoshihisa |永尾ヨシヒサ

"Hello Hello?"
Calling for you from here

The whole world will shine
When you're smiling

You shed tears
I'll wipe them
So I can just
Play clown now

So even if
Destiny playing a trick

"Hello Hello?'

Orbiting around
You are the earth

"Hello Hello?"
I am your moon

Never apart
Never touch