A little celebration

It has been a long time (for me).

I've been busy the past few months because I had my final assignment.
And thus, I'd like to announce that one part of the whole exam has done, and now I'll proceed to the next step (which is easier but still important not to miss).

So, perhaps I want to thank you for you who encourage me (even though not directly).
Actually I'm very happy that a person like me can be useful for someone. So, every single gratitude I receive is like a injection of life for me.

I really appreciate the comments here in my blog and in my YT channel, and I'd like to apologize that I don't often reply to comments. But I always read every single comment, and I appreciate every single thoughts you give.

(And here I also want to apologize for not doing anything worthwhile for these past few months. I hate IRL.)
Because of this final project, I got no time to do things I want to, like translating things and such. Actually I want to make my own MV from now on as well, but I'll see if the situation let me.

I'm not a very good artist, but I'd like to avoid using others' drawings in my videos. I usually put some official arts in the videos (like in the Key-related stuffs) but if it's not available, I sometimes put some fanarts and such (but rarely and I want to avoid this so badly)

Beside of this MV things, I think I kinda want to draw 4-panel manga. Even though I'm pretty busy, I often made my time just to read Wakabayashi Toshiya's 4-panel comic. I really like the comics he made, so I think I kinda want to recommend it to you guys.
But still, making comics isn't that easy, so I'll let it slide for now (lol).

Now, about the translation stuffs.

I actually already translated the rest of Shinji Orito's circle of fifth I haven't posted yet. The problem is that I'm still preparing the art and MVs for those. Beside the untranslated songs like Perseids, fortune card and such, the old songs like Tori no Uta, Torch and Kaze ga Tadoritsuku Basho were rearranged, so I'd like to post them with MVs as well. But still, I don't know how long will it take (lol).

I also want to translate some eufonius songs. Someone asked me to translate MetroChrome of eufonius, and I managed to get the album. I think it's a shame if I just translate one song while the others are also very nice to listen. But, this also take a long time because I'm still planning to draw this and that (lol).

I guess that's the end of the report. I hope the next time I post, I post something good to see. :)