Okay, so now I'm going to whine again (lol)
I have been so busy lately, so I had no time to get my online account active. Youtube, deviantart, even danbooru, I didn't do anything for them lately.
So, I feel sorry for people asking for lyrics or translations, (or even bad comments and such) because I didn't bother them at all (Well, the number of request is rather low anyway, I really have nothing to do anymore)

The reason is, I'm now probably in the most important semester of my life. I got a job, and I had to throw the job (thanks to the requirements made by my university. Seriously, what the fu**) Basically, I had to find a job as a requirement for my graduation, and after working for 3 months, I had to throw the job because I have to work on my essay. So, this year is extremely critical for me. I am not even done with my paper on my work.
Well, it's not like I really enjoyed my work though. Three months working there is a whole new experience for me, but I must say that I didn't feel like I really accomplished anything.

So, I am done with my work, but I got another job. Seriously it's not because I want to, but I am forced to.
My parents decided to open a store, and I have to work there, willing or unwillingly. And they actually bribed me with something. Okay, I got a brand new laptop, which has a much better spec than my old ones, and even my desktop.
They bought it for my birthday, and that is why I exactly couldn't enjoy my b-day at all.

Now, about my b-day! (lol)
I don't really care of my birthday at all, because every year it is just ordinary. But this year it is especially forgotten. I didn't even remember of it anymore because I had to much work to do. And when my mom and dad greeted me and said "Happy birthday!", my reaction was just "Oh, right... So it's my b-day now..."
(Actually I like it when people forget my birthday as I do, and actually only 2 people besides my family remember it. That's actually a good birthday present for me XD)
Usually my mom just buys me a bar of chocolate for my birthday. That's true. Maybe it sounds pretty sad for some of you, but I really enjoy that bar of chocolate every year. My brother usually gives me his worn-out tees that don't fit him anymore. Okay, I'm pretty much used to it.

That's why I don't like my present at all this year. Maybe I demand too much, but really, I don't like that my gift is actually something to bribe me, and the laptop is actually an office supply for the new shop. Honestly, I don't really need new laptop because the old one is still good enough to use. I'd prefer Intuos or Cintiq, something I've been asking for years. I saved my money to buy graphic tablet since years ago, but those money disappeared for my college fee (and now, for the realization of the new shop. Good going, parents, you really like to see my dreams shattered times and times)

If I could ask for something for my birthday, my request is rather silly. I don't want anything really expensive. I won't ask for graphic tablet or super cool gadget. All I want is a wooden chair. The one that matches my old wooden desk. My plastic chair is ugly and not comfy, so I really really want that. Maybe something like...

And maybe, I want a PomPom Purin plushie. My mom promised me when I was a fourth grader and she didn't get it for me, so sometimes I like to remind her (guilt trip! lol Maybe I shouldn't be that hard to my mom)
Even though I don't usually like to buy something I don't really need, I really-really want something Pom Pom Purin related.

Mein Gott! Maybe Purin sofa!

Blah! That's a lot of whining.

So, beside the job and such, the reason why I haven't been active online lately is because, every time I got a free time, I spend it to sleep, or play VN. I read Umineko and everything related to it for about 2 months, and now I am into Rewrite, since the translation is done.

I think now the blog lost its purpose. It was filled with lyrics and such, but now it's just a random whining from a weirdo.