Last Year Review | New Year Resolution

There is something I have to say before.
Happy New Year!

There. I said it.

Now for whining.
2012 was a pretty fun year for me.
Perhaps that was the year when I can contribute myself the most for the world.

So, review starting month to month!
  • In deviantart, I resolved myself to post at least one art per month. I was pretty vibrant back then, and I was trying to make use of my traditional media like color pencil and such. Actually I am not very confident in my traditional art, but at least I was trying, pretty hard.
  • So, this is my first attempt for 2012 resolution. Fay. Actually I started to make this around December 2011.
  • I got a pretty nice birthday present. Actually I wrote some kind of birthday wish in my facebook, and it seemed that one of my IRL friend noticed it and she bought it for me. Thank you! But I am poor, so I could not return anything to you, so sorry!
  • And I think about making some for a celebration. This one is for Chinese New Year 2012.
  • This was perhaps the biggest turning point for me. I started to make translations of songs in my youtube channel. The trigger was Killer Song which was posted by Flaming June in late December 2011. And there were a lot of people wondering about the meaning and the story of the song. So, I thought I can make a subtitle for it to help people understanding the song. Of course, as I am not actually very fluent at Japanese, I made a lot of mistakes at first, but I became better by time. I posted my first romaji + sub video here 
  • When I made the sub (with annotations) for the PV Killer Song, I also made sub + romaji for the rest of the songs that was published in the album Killer Song, which was released in Comiket 81.
  • And probably, the real biggest turning point is when I released Owari no Sekai Kara PV with sub and romaji. That was a pretty big hit and for Flaming June video, it is the most viewed one. By the way, I got a pretty heated discussion about the translation and the story. Anyway, well, it was because I made a mistake in the translation, and people interpreted the story differently, so it was actually pretty fun in a weird way.
  • I started to learn some weird language, but by the time I posted this entry, I already forgot about it lol.
  • Nothing much in February lol. 
  • Posted this for Valentine.
  • And, I posted the second most popular of Flaming June, Muteki no Soldier with sub and romaji. There were pretty interesting comments. I also made some mistake, and there were some commenter pointed it out.
  • Posted this for White Day. And due to a lot of business and such, I thought this could be my last piece of traditional art project. It was just 3 months, man! How weak was my resolve!
  • Started this blog at 15th March. Yay. Actually I had a blog before, but I didnt know what to do with it, so I deleted it. And actually I couldn't believe myself that I posted a lot of things here. Most of the things are pretty stupid though.
  • And the last PV available online by Flaming June, I made Last Smile with English translation and romaji
  • My internet provider blocked some of my favorite site. Damn it. But I managed to do things about it, heh.
  • I started taking requests on translations. My youtube channel became rather active starting from this point. I started with Inori Uta and I was pretty in love with yanaginagi, so I accepted the request >which actually served more like a recommendation from my viewers. September, which I posted in January doesn't count, because I added the sub around... I don't remember, and I did it for my own self satisfaction.
  • Little Busters! anime confirmed. It was a pretty beautiful announcement. That didn't stay long.
  • Found out that Little Busters! anime > JC Staff. All hope was lost.
  • Another request by viewer, which is Rudbeckia. After this one, there were a lot of requests. I was pretty happy to be any help. Translating songs was kinda fun and it was a little reason to live.
  • My blog got blocked! Whoo hoo! That was stupid. Somehow my blog was flagged as a spam blog. Fortunately FC2 managed to retreive everything. Not that there was anything interesting in this blog though. Maybe it was because I didn't post frequently.
  • Another request by viewer, Mizu Hako. And one thing I noticed when I translate things, is that I can learn a lot of things by translating songs. I am still learning Japanese (honestly I am still pretty bad at it, I can't even read a lot of kanji lol) and by doing this, I can hone my Japanese. And there were a lot of terms I didn't know, like Linus blanket and such, but I got to know it by doing translations. Learning forever!
  • The first album of Flaming June was released around April 25. I got the album and honestly, I didn't think that I have to do the translations anymore, because there is official translations included in the album. But, heh, that was stupid. I decided to post the whole album with my version of translation (hopefully it is a better understandable English and translation) started with Executioner no Koi. Why? Because Na-Ga's artwork caught my mind immediately.
  • I also ripped the PV of Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai and subbed it. Rip fail, the video is pretty broken lol. But I don't really care about it that much, because at the time, I just focused on the translation, not the video.
  • Also, posted Flower Garden. I like the melody, so I decided to do it after ExKoi and Hifukiyama.
  • Subbed Kooru Yume in April 31st (lol)
  • Boy, I didn't have much life in May, huh? I couldn't even remember that I posted Futari Dake no Ark and To Aru Kaizoku Ou no Kimagure in the same day!
  • Another big leap starting from this point.  Some dude asked for sub collab. Actually he first asked for Hifukiyama sub to be hardsubbed. I am actually a pretty antisocial person, so I admit that I was pretty confused what to do. He told me that he could do hardsub and a lot of things I can't (like grammar checking, lol, I know my grammar is crazy bad. Can't be helped, yo, I'm not a native English speaker). That was an offer I can't refuse. So, yeah, I met this guy who helped me around subbing things. That was a great help. He is a great help.
  • The whole album of Flaming June was completely uploaded with softsub. Yuki no Furanai Hoshi, Hero no Jouken and Kono Hoshi no Birthday Song.
  • Pokemon BW2 trailer, OMFG.
  • Eh, there is a lot of things in May. I posted Kaze no Sumu Machi, reply by request, and Koibumi and Itsuwaranai Kimi e for my own self satisfaction. Also, hope -look up when I walk- for my own self satisfaction (I actually had been listening to the song for several months, and when I was in class, I started to think of posting the translation. Eh, when I thought deeply about the meaning of the song, I nearly cried in class. True story.)
  • My first collab with that dude perhaps is ice by yanagi nagi x whoo x .eau
  • My most active month, huh?
  • I helped that dude to translate Koi Saite Hana.
  • Made a Clannad / Rewrite MAD. Actually I made it from a long time ago, but never had the chance to properly render it.
  • I played G Senjou no Maou. After all these time....!!
  • Started to collab more with the dude, in skyhook by binaria and sirius by momori
  • Posted one more GYARI / CocoacigaretteP work, Higurashi session
  • Little Busters! anime aired October 6th.
  • Pokemon BW2 NA release in October 7th. Also, I made a piece of art for it. That is my last art for the year.
  • And, I got a job. Honestly I don't want to work. If possible I want to be a NEET (not a good example)
  • I went abroad for the first time of my life. Feeling like a rich girl for the first time of my life.
  • Also, that was my first time flying. Honestly I was too paranoid (lol) that I made a will.
  • Started doing more and more translations with the dude. late night by binaria
  • Helped translating Hyouka no Kuni for that dude
  • Stumbled upon another good songs by sasakure.UK, and subbed them with the help of that dude > Ookami Shounen Dokuhaku and Strobelast
  • Finished playing Pokemon BW2. That was short. Or perhaps, I rushed it? Like crazy.
  • Continuing the sasakure.UK things with the help of that dude. The 5 minute hypothesis  took longer than he expected. I finished translating it in late November, but the hardsub took a lot of time (well because it looks pretty complicated) so it was finally finished on early December.
  • Tinierme got closed down. Actually it was pretty good, so I don't have to check on it anymore.
  • Played Saya no Uta for the first time. It wasn't as guro as I thought.
  • Apocalypse cancelled. Damn.
  • And the last video on my channel of the year, Butterfly Effect which is actually old, but I finally decided to make it lol. Of course, hardsub done by that dude. Released in Christmas, somehow...
  • Played Umineko, after all these time...!!
  • Managed to completely translate the whole album of mamenoi. Before, I just put only romaji on some.
  • My last translation project this year, CorLeonis, request from that dude. He released it in the last day of the year. The song was pretty simple and easy to translate.
  • But wait... I forgot that I have one more song to translate. And I couldn't found any official lyrics sheet, so I guess it will be postponed indefinitely.

And, I got pretty close to some of my friends IRL and the number of my imaginary friend increased (eh, it is not something I should be proud of, really) And I like to go to karaoke with my IRL friend, and I like to talk to my imaginary friends.
Perhaps there are a lot of things I forgot to mention. But maybe that's all.

My biggest disappointment in this year, perhaps is that there was no apocalypse.
And I still couldn't afford buying tablet. I guess I have to be a mouse artist for indefinite time.

So, what for 2013?
I don't expect anything too much. I am too bored to live.
This year I have to graduate, and to reach that goal, I have to do things I don't really like to do. Work. I don't want to work. Gah.
Hmm, but I do have some interest in this year. MadoMagi Movie and Tiger&Bunny Movie caught my interest so I guess I have to live on this year as well.

I hope I can buy tablet this year. That dream has been continuing for years, and yeah, not even once I could come near it.

And, my future was kinda predictable from this point on. Judging from my family situation, it seems that I can't get away from that cruel fate (of labor, gah! Btw, not labor=giving birth, but labor=working)

I hope I can stay single this year again. So, if this continues on for another decade, I will become a wizard.

By the way, my first dream was weird. There was something pretty raunchy, but at least I enjoyed watching ppl making out >=)