Flaming June - Kooru Yume -English translation-

Kooru Yume
Frozen Dream
Track 06 of Flaming June album : Owari no Hoshi no Love Song | 終わりの惑星のLove Song

Composition & lyrics : Jun Maeda | 麻枝准
Arrangement : Ken Ito | 伊藤賢
Narration : yanaginagi | やなぎなぎ

Translation NOT from the official translation booklet.

April 11th
It was school entrance ceremony.
I fell in love so suddenly.
It was love at the first sight.
He's not actually that cool, but he's just my type.

April 12th
I was surprised.
I didn't expect to sit just right behind him.
Seemed like he was having fun talking to the boy sitting next to him.

That night, I thought of this:
I decided to pretend that I lost my memory.
Thinking that he would be interested in me if I did that.

April 13th
I coaxed some people who knew me from junior high school to keep quiet about me,
to pretend that they never knew me.

April 14th
After homeroom, he turned his body to face me.
"What's your name? Which junior high were you in?" he asked.
I only told him my name
And said that I couldn't remember about my previous school.
Of course he looked so puzzled.
I added again, that I don't remember anything anymore beyond that.
Clearly he looked at me differently since then.
Strategy, huge success.

April 31st
Today was Sunday.
To help me regain my memory, he kindly guided me around the city.
"Do you remember anything?" he asked.
I shook my head, even though I clearly knew every place around.

May 9th
Looking at the diary I've been writing everyday made me confused.
It seemed that I walked around the city with him yesterday.
But I don't have any recollection about it.

May 16th
I opened the diary, as expected, it's said that I had a walk around with him yesterday.
I think I might had done that, but... My memory is hazy.... I can't remember....

May 31st
After school, he asked me, "You still can't remember about anything?"
I simply replied, "yeah" and nothing more.

June 4th
He suggested me to visit the shrine together tomorrow,
to pray so my memory would return.
I'm already fed up with the shrine since I was little.
But, if it's with him, I'm okay with it.

June 6th
I read my diary entry for yesterday.
Seemed that I went to Meiji Shrine with him.
We tried to draw our fortune there.
He got the best fortune, while I got the worst one.
We switched them as he suggested, but what's the point?

June 10th
My cellphone rang.
It was from an unknown number.
I didn't know why, but I felt like answering.
When I picked it up, the other end introduced herself with my name, in the exact same voice of mine .
She asked me, "Who are you?"

June 13th
It seemed that I walked around the city with him again yesterday.
I have no recollection about that.
It's as if there's another me.

June 20th
Apparently I was having fun eating coconut curry with him yesterday.
I don’t remember eating anything like that.
Just who was that? Who has been getting along with him?

June 24th
An unknown female student approached me and said rudely,
"The plan's working so well isn't it?"
What was she talking about?
I don’t know... I don’t understand....

June 25th
My cellphone rang again. It was from me.
I screamed, begged at her "You're disturbing me! Get lost!"
And she replied, "You're just a fake."
What do you mean "fake"?

Why did I have to get involved in this crazy situation?
All I wanted was to get close to him... That's all, and yet....

June 30th
I couldn't concentrate in class.
I wanted to ask him, who was right in front of my eyes:
"Who is it that you've been hanging out with?"

June 31st
When I got back home, mom welcomed me with a pale face.
"Aren't you having dinner right now?"she asked.
Now I don't even have any place to return.
I immediately ran away from the house.

It's all started because I lied about having memory loss.
Everything, because of that.
I shouldn't have lied about something like that.
Now I am disappearing from everyone's life.

I'm sorry I lied... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry....

Next day when I woke up, a lady with headset looked down on me.
"There was a bug in the system."