People tend to regret something when it's too late.

When it's already too late, you realize how important he was to you.

That happened to me yesterday.
I despised him because he didn't do much for me.
But yesterday he stopped working. At first I just let it be, but then I realize that I lost something really important.

Actually, I am talking about my laptop. My laptop is old and he often gets bluescreen when I use too much programs. They're design programs, I had to do it.
I was joking about selling him and buy a new one. Apparently he got cranky and he didn't want to start. And then I realized that I have a lot of VNs there.
I was really sad to think that I would really lose him this time. I apologized (ok, that sounds really stupid) but it didn't work.

So, my brother slammed it and apparently, he's alive.