Satsubatsu Kids - Hikikomori Songs -Complete Album Lyrics & Translations-

This is the complete list of lyrics and English translation for the songs from Hikikomori Songs, first album from Satsubatsu Kids, a brand new unit formed by Jun Maeda and Hyon. This album is published by Key Sounds Label under catalog number KSLA-0144 for the limited edition sold in C93 and KSLM-0147 / KSLA-0147 for the general release version with an additional track.

All lyrics & composition by Jun Maeda | 麻枝准
All vocal, chorus & arrangement by Hyon | ひょん
All illustration by Juri Misaki | みさき樹里

Cover illustration by Juri Misaki | みさき樹里

#01 Birthday Song=Requiem

#02 Honey Syrup

#03 Code Blue

#04 Kamigoroshi no Uta | 神殺しの唄

#05 goodbye

#06 Owatta Contents | 終わったContents

#07 Real

#08 灰色の羽根

#09 Question Time

#10 Hanabi

#11 Hikikomori no Uta | ひきこもりの唄

#12 Kimi no Kioku | きみの記憶

#13 Autumn Song