so I changed the blog name

Well, previously I named my blog Unknown's Doodling. At first I just want to make this blog as an art blog specially for my doodles and scraps. But before I realized it, I actually put a lot of things beside of my doodles. In fact, I haven't put my doodles for a good number. It feels like putting my doodles is the least thing I want in this blog. Well, maybe it is because I am still embarrassed to put my drawings online, heh.

I took a little time to see overall of my blog. I think I am more focused on posting lyrics and translations. And life ramblings, hoho. I also put some VN review (yeah, even in DA journals).

Since the name of the blog didn't match the contents anymore, I feel like, hmm, I should rename the blog.

I changed it into Unknown's Whatever. Why? Whatever.
Unknown is obviously me. I want to remain unknown forever. While the whatever, I just want to post whatever I like, so whatever.
Actually yesterday I went to some shopping mall and I saw a restaurant with the tagline "sushi & whatever". I told my friend, "I'll have that whatever!"
It is a funny and weird tagline.

That's it. I haven't been posting anything lately since I was so lazy. But, man, whatever.