copyrighted and suspended lyrics

Uh, it's been forever since the last time I wrote a blog post. I originally created this blog for blogging but somehow it turned into a translation/lyrics site for some time agooo.

Anyway, if you followed me on twitter, recently I asked "Is posting lyrics+translations constitutes as copyright infringement?" and some people answered, "Yes it is totally illegal but it usually doesn't reduce profit, so whatever." I guess I kinda agree on that.

The reason I asked that is because I found that some of my blog post were suspended without my knowledge. Since when, IDK, but it happened.

The first one I noticed was Sora no Method insert song by fhána, which is ホシノカケラ | Hoshi no Kakera (don't follow that link because it's ded) [EDIT: reposted here]

I noticed it because it's a part in Sonata to Interlude Complete Album Lyrics and it's the only thing that is down. Weird.

So I proceeded to ask FC2 (this blog service) about it and here is their answer.

So, JASRAC (Japanese Association of Super Retarded Assholes and Cunts) apparently took it down. FC2 said that JASRAC contacted them and then they notified me via mail (Did they? It's weird because I don't find it in my mailbox, so either it got accidentally deleted or automatically sent into spam, IDK) and then they suspended the blog post. End of story.

Which is pretty weird because the other songs in Sonata to Interlude (published by Lantis), the same album, didn't get to be suspended (not that I ask them to suspend those blog posts, but it's kinda bizarre or something). Is it because Hoshi no Kakera much more popular than the others? Not sure.

Aside of that, I eventually found out that the other songs I had translated had been suspended as well, e.g. (also don't follow the links because they're ded)
Lia - JUSTITIA [EDIT: Reposted here]
Wizard Barristers OP / Published by PonyCanyon
Kurosaki Maon - Rakuen no Tsubasa [EDIT: Reposted here]
Le Fruit de la Grisaia Anime OP / Published by NBCUniversal Entertainment
yanaginagi - Ao no Parade and yanaginagi - concent
from yanaginagi's album euaru / Published by Geneon Universal Entertainment
Kurosaki Maon - Setsuna no Kajitsu [EDIT: Reposted here]
Le Eden De La Grisaia Anime OP / Published by NBCUniversal Entertainment
DAOKO - ShibuyaK [EDIT: Reposted here]
from DAOKO's single ShibuyaK/Samishii Kamisama / Published by TOY'S FACTORY
This one is also a weird case since the other songs from the same album didn't get sacked.

Bummer. Some of those songs I really put a great effort into, and they didn't get to be published. So what am I gonna do now?

Obviously, the transliterations (romaji lyrics) and the translations were all done by my own effort, so I don't think that they have the right to remove my romaji lyrics and translation... So I probably will do the most obvious thing which is... reposting the suspended blog posts with something that doesn't contain the kanji lyrics. VOILA! Will that makes me free of trouble? I'm not so sure...

The next thing I will do is probably, finding other blog service. FC2 is a Japanese blog service provider, so they are under Japanese law. And JASRAC usually targets Japanese blogs first and I think they might not attack overseas sites... I guess?
I found some information regarding JASRAC and how they "protect" lyrics, which says that you can't post lyrics in twitter or any other blog because you're gonna get charged, you criminal scum, which I think is a bit too much.
I guess it was my regret to choose FC2, so I probably gonna make a backup site. What do you suggest? Blogger? Wordpress? Livejournal?

Anyway, lyrics sites are there because people need it, and now that there's a lot of legal online music streaming/purchasing sites and obviously they don't provide the booklet or lyrics card with it. Isn't it too bad if you really like an artist but you can't sing along with their songs because you don't have the access to the lyrics? Yeah. Unlike sharing the whole songs or albums in the net, I also don't think that posting lyrics will kill the artists or something. I know it's illegal, but considering that it won't do much harm to the industry, I don't think they'll suffer just because some people post lyrics in their blog. In fact, if the lyrics sites provided a fucked up mimicopy (transliteration by ear) lyrics, it's probably gonna disrespect the artists even more, considering that Japanese has lotsa homophonic words, plus if the transliterator are not very proficient they might replace some unusual words with something they made up themselves. Which means the lyrics meaning might be really different with what the artists intended.

Plus, unlike some other people who asks for patreon or donation for doing lyrics translations, or blatantly put advertisement in their sites, I don't get a single penny from doing this. Honestly I just want people to be able to sing along and understand the meaning of the songs.

That is it for today's rant. My little sister should had her 15th birthday yesterday, I miss her so much.
Please tell me what do you think about it, whether it's in the comment section or via PM or via twitter. :)