I need greed and envy to replace my sloth. Sloth is the most difficult sin to define, yet here I am being an absolute lazy bum.

Being too easily satisfied with whatever I have now makes me super lazy and super content with the 'shitty' life I'm living in. Some other people might had already accomplished tons of awards and achievements around my age and I'm just "meh, whatever." I just want to live simply even without anything to pass on to future generations, not even my family. I'm even okay being underpaid or being enslaved. I just want to live while I can, and die when I should, which is the thing I await the most.

I'm just too good at finding little happiness in life, so it's as if I am unable to feel stressed. My coworkers had found me "weird" for always smiling in the direst condition of work. Now they had connected me to psychopathy or suicidal even though I'm neither.

I'm totally normal,

I'm totally fine.