Official Another Story Rewrite - Chapter 5 : The Start of A Class Rep

Here comes the translation of the fifth chapter of Official Another Story Rewrite ~Hayure Sasayaku Komichi de~ This short chapter focuses on Lucia's unforgettable experience in her middle school. Does this chapter include spoilers? Ehh, I can't really tell. Nothing too spoilery, I guess?
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Official Another Story Rewrite : Chapter 5
The Start of A Class Rep
05 - cover - Lucia
Word count roughly 2670 words.

Her middle school graduation was coming near in one month and Konohana Lucia was feeling down.
When she looked back, it was an uneventful three years.
Before, Lucia thought that being "uneventful" was a "good thing" to have.
But at the moment, she believed that it would be "lacking".
Due to her painful experiences, Lucia just wanted a quiet life.
She doesn't think that it's wrong to wish so, but she couldn't help to contemplate about her ever-worsening lifelessness.
She wondered if it would be alright for her to do something that bears significance, even if it's just a little.

(I'm such a selfish person... I should be grateful enough for the happy life I'm having right now!)
In any case, she couldn't join any sport clubs because of various reasons.
Her options would either play a role in art or cultural clubs, or else, being in charge of the class.
"In charge of the class...?"
For example, taking the role that nobody wants, like a class representative.
She clenched her fist.
It wasn't a bad idea at all.
"Yeah. Let's do that. I will have a meaningful school life starting high school... I will definitely do that when I'm in high school!"
Having such determination, Lucia walked home with a bright and brilliant smile.

Right that instant...
Suddenly, the entrance of the beef bowl shop "Suki-Ya"[1] that she happened to pass by opened with a bang, and something— or someone jumped outside with a scream powerful enough to be heard by the whole town.
"Whoaaaa!! .......huh? N- Nishikujou-san?"
Holding a rice bowl in one hand, Nishikujou Touka appeared with an imposing stance.
"Lucia-chan! I heard your lament, loud and clear!"
"L- loud and clear? But you were inside the restaurant just a moment ago.... And I don't expect a woman to come by herself in this kind of place..."[2]
The customers jostling around beyond that door were all filthy men.
She thought it was impressive that Nishikujou Touka could to gulp down her rice bowl on her own under such circumstances.
"Of course I won't miss a single thing my precious Lucia-chan says. Besides, my hesitation to come inside this kind of restaurant by myself has disappeared just recently."
"So people DO get better at coping with solitude as they grow older!?"
"Lucia-chan, you just said that you're going to give your all starting high school, no?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah, right. That's the plan..."
"Strike, you're out!"
"W- what!? Why!?"
"Listen here, Lucia-chan. You can't say that you're giving your all starting tomorrow! Humans are not creatures with such strong convictions! Today is the day! The god of blessing will smile upon you who start doing your best today! ...and also upon those who were born with good luck by chance."
"Please don't point out such painful reality so casually..."
"Anyway! You're not going to do your best starting high school! If you want to do your best, do it today!"
"W- well, you see, Nishikujou-san..."
It's just not possible to get appointed as a class representative one month before graduation.
Lucia calmly explained the matter.
Unfortunately, Touka was never a good listener.
She howled like a lioness.
"Be a class representative right away today!"
"I— I can't possibly do that!"
Touka gobbled the rest of her lunch down into her stomach in one go, pushed the empty bowl to the anxious shop clerk standing behind her, then strongly grabbed Lucia's shoulders.
"Lucia-chan, you want to live a meaningful life, don't you?"
"Look at me. You know how I was before, don't you? What do you think about the past me?"
"Nishikujou-san was... quite cool and hard to approach..."
"Yeah, right! But I have changed! It was harsh process of baptism... But I had been born again into a better me!"[3]
"Is- Is that even possible for me?"
"If you do your best starting from this day, I'm sure you can!"
The two were gazing at each other intensely.
Then, the clerk of that beef bowl restaurant stepped up between the two.
"Um, here's your bill."

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Lucia promptly took action.
She ran to be the representative for a class that about to graduate in only a month.
The class rep in charge was befuddled.
After all, it would be nonsensical. Even so, the class rep gave up the position after losing to Lucia's determination.
"There's nothing to do..."
Well, that was to be expected.
It was just right before graduation.
No one would stir up trouble this late.
Lucia could only grit her teeth over her wasted determination in this fruitless situation.
"Isn't there anything I can do? Something that's just and upright, something fitting for a class rep..."
She asked around the class, but they all just laughed uncomfortably.
Such days continued for a week, and within the second week, Lucia started to lose patience.
"Even though I'm the class rep, I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything..."
"Don't rush yourself... Don't you think it's great when nothing happens? Right?"
Touka gently persuaded Lucia when she came asking for consultation.
"Well, that's true... But can I really graduate without any regret if this goes on?"
"Listen here. The meaning of life is not something that appears on the surface. The important thing is whether you have the will to make use of your strength."
"....But it's just so sad that everything is going to end without anything happening..."
"Lucia-chan, you just have to be patient this time! We still have more than three weeks to go!"
"Uh... Okay. I'll play the waiting game for now..."
With a heavy heart Lucia left the café.
Touka immediately took out her phone.
"Hello? As expected, we're gonna launch the plan. Can you start with the setup? Yeah. Of course. I promise you a handsome reward..."

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

A few days later....
"Konohana-san, here comes your long-awaited client!"
One of Lucia's classmate led a female student into their classroom.
"I'm Kawaguchi from the first year. I heard a rumor that senpai will solve any problem, so... Please, help us!"
"Is that... a job for a class rep?"
"We're in trouble. I don't have any other choice but to rely on someone who has tons of experience like senpai!"
"Is that so...? Uh, but I'm the class rep for my own class, so I don't think that I have the right to guide my underclassmen..."
"Hey, don't turn her down... Don't you feel sorry to her?"
"Plus, it's gonna be a nice memory for you, I'm sure."
"And I don't think that there will be any problem coming up in our class at this time..."

When she was asked that much by her classmates, she could only accept to hear her junior's request.
(Let's hear what she has to say, then... I wonder if it's okay to decline if it sounds hard to deal with...?)
As she pondered, Lucia sat face to face with her client across the desk.
The classmate sitting in front of Lucia gave the seat to her.
"So, what is this request you have for me?"
"Well... It seems that there is some kind of "troll" in our class recently..."
The female underclassman started to speak up rather uncomfortably, being surrounded so close by her curious upperclassmen.
"Troll, you say...?"
"Oh? You mean like, that kind of people who steal things when no one is around..."
"Like, stealing girls' gym clothes..."
"And messing around with their crush's desk or something..."

Listening to her classmates, Lucia frowned.
There are some people who would do such outright vicious things.
She would believe that it's just a thief if they're going for money and valuables, but to think that they would steal gym clothes... It's so unbelievably impure, she was convinced that it's not just a mere thief.
"So, what has this "troll" done to you?"
"Well, how do I say this... There's nothing downright apparent... for now."
"What do you mean? If they haven't done anything to you, how could you think that there is a "troll" in your class?"
"Well, you see... I just... feel that something is not right. Here and there. My classmates also feel the same, specifically in..."
The strange feelings her client felt were something like this...
The folded jersey she left in the classroom was a bit ruffled.
In her bag, there were subtle traces of the contents being ransacked.
The things she put on her desk were kind of slightly out of place with where the last time she left them.
"Hmm... Those observations are very vague... Are you sure it's not just in your head?"
"It's not just me! Several girls in my class are just as concerned, so I'm sure it's not the case. Could you please lend us your power, senpai?"
"Okay. I'll do what I can. Follow me."
Lucia nodded and left her seat.
Then, together with her client, Lucia went to the staff room and told the school counselor.
"I believe that there's some kind of thief sneaking into her classroom..."
The client grabbed Lucia's arm in hurry and pulled her to the hallway.
"Why are you telling the teacher!?"
"Well, it's possible that some kind of suspicious person has entered your classroom... Of course we have to report it to teachers, no?"
"It's a delicate girls' problem! I don't want to make the situation any worse!"
"I understand your feelings, but within my jurisdiction, there's nothing more I can do for you..."

Right that instant...
The door of school staffs' toilet opened with a bang and Nishikujou Touka appeared in a surprising manner like a zombie set up as a jump scare in horror game.
"Whoaa!! .......huh? N- Nishikujou-san? Why are you even here!?"
Touka doesn't even work at Lucia's middle school.
"Coincidentally I'm just passing by."
Touka cracked a smile and waved her hand.
"But you came from... the male restroom...?"
"Don't sweat the small stuff! Listen here, Lucia-chan. Don't get stuck in such small framework known as "class representative". That girl is here because she believes in your power. Isn't it just righteous to solve this problem with your own power?"
Lucia felt strongly attracted to that word.
"Yes. It's justice, righteousness, and moral."
"That sounds... pretty good."
Those are her favorite words.
"Your graduation might be so close, Lucia-chan. But think of your juniors. When they leave the classroom empty, the culprit will have the freedom to do their thing. Even if you inform the school staffs, the students will be a little bit cautious and that's all to it! But you, Lucia-chan... I'm sure you can look for the culprit on your own, can't you?"
"That's right! If they put out a warning, the culprit will just get away! I want to get him arrested!"
"I see. If we manage to catch the culprit, surely the academy will regain its peace.... Alright. Kawaguchi-san, was it? When you leave the classroom empty, I'll try to keep watch in secret."
"We'll leave it to you!"

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Thus, Lucia decided to pursue the classroom troll.
Classroom troll...
If he's real, he surely had committed bold crimes.
According to Kawaguchi's story, it seems that the perpetrator had been appearing frequently during classroom changes.
It means that some suspicious person had infiltrated the school during daytime without being seen.
(I don't think that I'm gonna lose to any human being, but... I'm sure he's no ordinary man.)
Lucia shook in excitement awaiting for the tough enemy she would face.
No matter how tough the enemy would be, she would definitely corner and arrest him.
She made that oath in her heart.
Since she had no more mandatory classes to attend (for graduation was just around the corner) Lucia headed to the cleared-out first year classroom for her preliminary investigation.
A suspicious looking man came rummaging through a student's bag in that classroom.
(Suddenly he's here already—!?)
"Hmph. I got caught...."
With a nihilistic laughter, the man turned to face Lucia.
She couldn't see his face for it was covered under a mask, but he was clearly a suspicious person.
And in his hand... He held a recorder flute for music class.
"Hey, suspicious person over there! What is it in your hands!?"
"Cackle cackle. It is a recorder flute. Of course you know that much, missy."
"I'm asking you what you're doing with it!?"
"This is not just a recorder. This belongs to the one known as the female student with the highest beauty level in the first year."
"So why are you holding it in your hands!?"
The man uncovered his mask although it stopped to mouth area only.
"Obviously, I'm gonna do this!!"
The man started to grapple and lick the recorder all over savagely.
"Deliiish!! A beautiful girl's recorder tastes too good! This is the best gourmet no pervert could even imagine!!"
"Wha.... Whawhawhawhawha...."
Lucia couldn't imagine it herself.
She only had a vague impression of those beings called "pervert" or "suspicious person".
But by that moment, the young girl finally connected the concept of "pervert" in her mind with this real pervert appearing before her eyes.
It was so repulsive and disgusting.
Mercilessly without holding back, Lucia flawlessly launched a flying drop kick right at the pervert's face.
The man flew through the window, and then he quickly fled from the campus.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"Oh, in the end he escaped... I see..."
Touka nodded several times calmly listening to Lucia's report.
"I couldn't manage to fulfill my role...."
Lucia muttered dejectedly.
"What about Kawaguchi-san?"
"She thanked me. She said that the pervert won't ever come back to the school for my actions."
"Well, isn't that great? It's 100% alright!"
"...Is that so?"
"Of course. Then, what did the school staffs say?"
"They said they're going to award me at the last morning assembly..."
"Isn't that great!? You certainly did good, Lucia-chan! Good job, ally of justice!"
"...Is that so?"
Lucia shyly looked up to Touka.
"That's right. You're gonna be a great class representative, I'm sure of it."
"I think... I'll take the class rep position in high school as well!"
"Yeah. Go ahead. I'm sure everyone will appreciate your hard work!"
The girl answered with a radiant smile.

After Lucia returned home, a young man who was waiting at another table flumped down into the seat across from Touka.
"Hey, Nishikujou! What is this all about!? For everything I have done, my reward is just an all-you-can-eat pancake coupon worth 500 yen!?"
"Treating you to binge eat high class cuisine will just destroy you, isn't that right? To begin with, you just love junk food, don't you.... Imamiya?"
The young man called Imamiya pounded on the table several times.
"That's not the problem here! Where's my money? When you say reward, of course anyone would think that it would be money! Moreover, after getting called a pervert and getting a brutal Rider Kick[4] like that!"
"I'll praise you then. Good job there!"
"And what the hell was with that script!? You think there is any pervert who sucks on flutes so brazenly like that!?"
"It's best to be straightforward when sending a message to youngsters. Well, thank you for your hard work. You can order however more you want it."
"I won't accept this!"

Not knowing the conspiracy of the two adults, Lucia walked her road home with a euphoric aura.
"Class rep... Class rep, huh... Hehehe, it sounds nice. Being relied by others isn't so bad. But I will not forgive those perverts who trample upon maidens' hearts..."
The image of the overly exaggerated pervert presented by Imamiya and Nishikujou had become another of her traumas.
And unfortunately for someone who will be getting dragged into this, the innocent stranger Tennouji Kotarou... He would feel the effect of this event, but that will be told in another story...

[Fifth Chapter - End]

Translation notes:

[1] Sukiya is (probably the largest) gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant chain in Japan. They mainly serve beef bowl but they have other menus like curry and other Japanese food. In this story, however, the name is spelled the same Suki-Ya but it's written in the way it's not copyright infringement (written as 好きや instead of すき家).[^]

[2] It's kinda weird, but it's just the culture in Japan. It's said that beef bowl restaurant has the aura of "all-male" restaurant even though of course it's not true. It's just uncommon for female to dine in alone in beef bowl restaurant, as they usually bring friends or family to secure the table (if you eat alone, you won't get a table on your own and probably will have to eat on the long-sharing-table thing with strangers and it's probably more uncomfortable for women). Also a lot of restaurants in Japan are very small and narrow that some provide no seat for the customers. Large chains like Yoshinoya and Sukiya are designed to be comfortable for everyone though.[^]

[3] This line is referencing to Christianity thing. Being "born again" is like a "spiritual rebirth" or something like that... Basically Touka has changed, at least in the personality department.[^]

[4] Rider kick is a signature finishing move in tokusatsu series Kamen Rider. Basically like flying drop kick, but with more variations and cooler visual effects.[^]

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