Official Another Story Rewrite - Chapter 3 : Legend of The Witch : Chapter Zero

Here comes the translation for the third story in Official Another Story Rewrite ~Hayure Sasayaku Komichi de~ This chapter reveals the real reason how Akane got involved with Kazamatsuri High School's Occult Club. Despite of being a prequel story, this chapter doesn't really include spoiler material, as Akane is only mentioned having an influence in a certain organization. But for the best, I guess you should avoid reading this if you haven't completed Rewrite. (In addition, some group characters will have their dialogues highlighted in colors, but one color doesn't represent exclusively for one person only, in exception of Akane and a certain someone.)

Official Another Story Rewrite : Chapter 3
魔女伝承 零之章
Legend of The Witch : Chapter Zero
03 - cover - Akane
Word count roughly 2940 words.

When she was fifteen, Senri Akane was a little more innocent than she is now.
So, when she had gotten permission to attend the local high school from the "organization", she was sincerely delighted.
She would spend the days learning like a normal high school girl.
Compulsory education would mean nothing much in her circumstances, so this would be a fresh experience for Akane.
(It's gonna be great if I can make many friends.)
She even had such admirable thoughts.
Naturally, higher education and the like would be unnecessary for Akane.
It would be useless for a worshiped portable shrine in the shape of a human to have education.
Although she felt sorry for her supporters, she was honestly happy to be able to attend high school.
Akane had decided that she would fulfill her role once she had graduated from the school.
She would be content within such short period.
She wanted to breathe the atmosphere outside the dark and insular "organization".
She wanted to try stepping outside, to the where the sun shines upon....

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"...this can't be right."
In a week since her enrollment, she had turned into a wallflower.
She couldn't blend in well.
She couldn't hold a conversation with anyone.
That must be the negative effect for being pampered by the "organization".
She couldn't even imagine that starting a conversation with some stranger around her age would be this difficult.

During recess, when everyone in the class would leave their seats, only Akane still left seated by herself with nothing to do.
That was tough. So very tough for her.
But if that was all, she could manage to endure it nevertheless.
The decisive blow was the book bought by her attendant for her to kill time.
She opened the pocket-sized paperback book with wrapped cover.
And then came this title:
[Social Life for Loner : Skyrocket Your Self Esteem No Matter How Alone You Are]

.....was that deliberate?
Was it them bullying her, or was it them making fun of her?
Her heart was broken.
Since that day, Akane had refused to attend school.

But after receiving demands from the "organization" supporters saying something like "If you refuse to attend school there won't be any meaning for your enrollment, so just get dropped out from school, take up your role and fulfill your duty, you little brat!" Akane reluctantly decided to go to school again.

Several months had already passed since her last attendance to school.
During that phase, Akane had a spiritual awakening about video games and plastic models, and further completely devoting herself to the limit of depravity.
It was a pity that she wasted her precious period of grace.
And this time, she attended the school already prepared to face solitude.
She came to the school for the first time in a while.
She would probably get thoughtless rumors flying all around her, but she would endure them all for the sake of delaying her eternal job-to-be.

However, it turned out like this:
"Woah! She- she came! Senri-san is here!"
"Senri-san really came to school!"
"This is ultra surprising! So surprising that my head's gonna burst open!"
"Hey, I heard that the Legendary Witch has come to school!"
"Whoa! Is this the sign of catastrophe!?"
"No! I'm sure she came here to have confrontation with evil spirits!"
"Something must be happening! Something supernatural!"
"Abdol Damral Omnis Nomnis! Eko Eko Azarak! Elohim Essaim!"

She seriously considered cursing them all for one.
Maybe a rumor about Akane being a VIP from someplace vague was leaked around.
And combining that rumor with her natural mysterious aura, the impression of "The Witch of the School" was formed.
It was like a birth of an urban legend, or a new ghost story.
Being reckoned as a witch at a glance, or being isolated in loneliness like before, which would be better? wouldn't be much of a difference.
The only thing that improved for her was that people has started to come and talk to her from time to time.
"Umm, would you please tell my fortune with your magical power..."
Although it was all just consultations like that.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"......Senri-san, I have a special favor to ask you."
The consultation on that day was a bit unusual.
"Alright, alright. Would you like to have a love fortune telling? Or do you wish for a victory upon your club activity?"
"Those will do. No! I mean... You are currently not in any club, aren't you, Senri-san? It's okay if you're not an active member, but please... Would you like to join ours?"

The classmate, Oobayashi Kirakira (yes, a cringeworthy name)[2] guided her into a desolate room.
There were three miserable-looking girls encircling a single skull-shaped candle placed on top of a table.
Being welcomed by hopeful gazes from the girls at once, Akane shuddered.
"What is this place...? Room of the glum? And who are those girls?"
It was a strange room with bookshelves packed with books and files covering the windows from all sides.
"This was the club room for the former Occult Research Club," Oobayashi explained.
" unofficial club activity?"
"Yes, they refused to become an official club, and drowned themselves into darkness on their own volition... the fabled Occult Research Club. This was their club room. But those are no longer true. After all, the Occlub had put a rest to their activities, and now had been reborn into a completely new organization. This is our reign now."
"A completely new organization? And that is...?"
Oobayashi made eye contacts with her comrades.
Once they nodded to each other, they all turn to Akane as if cornering her.
"Formerly Occlub, now will be known as the RomanClub... We have been reborn into the Romance Research Club!"
How foolish.
Akane straight away thought so.
"We had been living for occult up until now."
"When we were still in elementary school, we would just do love fortune telling or such."
"But gradually we put our hands into real and genuine spells."
"Such as grimoires of magic and wizardry, the way of Yin and Yang, magic runes, and the likes."
"We have all the data and materials here."
"Before we knew it, we had turned into batshit crazy girls."
"Before we knew it, we had totally missed out on love."
"But we also want romance!"
"Boys! We want boys!!!"
"I want to brag when I get myself a boyfriend!"

No matter how foolish it was, they were sincerely troubled by this.
"Ah, but don't misjudge us, Senri-san.... It's not like we're hoping for a love inducing magic from you. We had moved on from that kind of thing."
Those hapless girls nodded altogether.
"We are trying to reborn this club into some kind of matchmaking-service agency."
"If I remember it right, you need five people to form a club, no?"
"Yeah. And you will be our fifth person if you agree to join us."
Akane sighed.
"I don't mind if I just have to lend my name though..."
"Thank you so much, Senri-san! Now we can have official club activities unreservedly!"
"Well, do your best. And it'll be great if you get a boyfriend too."
"Yeah, will do!"

Unconsciously she found herself being a little envious of them.
Living a reckless life with a certain purpose.
That is something that she will never be able to do.
"By the way, do you have a boyfriend or so, Senri-san?"
Suddenly one of the hapless girls asked her.
"Huh? No, I'm...."
"Her mature aura is the proof of her richness in love experience. Isn't that right, Senri-san?"
Mature? With such compliment, Akane mood instantly skyrocketed.
"O-o-of course I do!"
She started to show off.
The girls were looking at her in admiration with an "ooh!" at once.
In comparison to the flattery she received from the "organization", the girls' envious gesture tasted like sweet honey to her.
"I change them daily!"
"Change daily? You mean like having different boyfriend each day? Just how many boys have you dated with!?"
"W- well, I have five people inviting me for rendezvous each day, so... Maybe around, 35 people?"
"Five groins a day!? Isn't that just like what Italians do!?"
For Oobayashi, Italians would be the incarnation of lust.
"What a serpent...," someone murmured.
"A serpent, a serpent of love has descended upon us!"
It was the birth of a new nickname following "The Witch of The School" which was— "The Serpent of Love".
"I even went barhopping to a happening bar with six you-know-what yesterday!"
"Happening bar? What's that?"[3]
"Isn't that some kind of cafe where you enter as couple... But isn't that too old-fashioned?"
"I don't know, but... Going to a shady place like that with six you-know-what is just..."
"Senri-san is so hardcore..."

"Romance is merely a matter of breathing to me."
The member of RomanClub looked at each others' faces alternately.
"Um, Senri-san... I mean, o Serpent of Love, I humbly beseech thee!"
Oobayashi exclaimed.
"This must be the favor of fate! Please guide us to romance!"

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"Well, first... I- I'll show you my example..."
"Please do!"
It ended up that she had to present a live practice of seducing in the public park.
(Ah, to think that I'm hunting for boys... This is just unbelievable... Why must I...?)
Was that the miserable fate waiting for pretentious people?
No, that's not it.
The fate was just about to approach her.
A shiver ran down her spine.
She had never seduced anyone before.
(A- At any rate I have to show my successful hunt....!)
While wiping her dripping cold sweat, Akane sought out for her first prey.
The whole RomanClub members watched over Akane's movements from a distance.
Failure was not an option.
Then, it seemed that a good-looking young man around the age of a college student walked towards Akane.
He was strangely wearing thick clothes even though summer was approaching soon.
Even though he vaguely struck her as stupid, Akane decided to have an encounter with him.
(I'll just explain the situation and have him cooperate with me. He looks kind-hearted and understanding, so I'm sure he will...)
"Hey, young lady... You have a moment?"
The young man she tried to talk to, had talked to her first instead.
"Uh, yeah?"
"Hey, you really do have erotic vibes around. I can tell in a glance."
"You must love this."
He opened the front side of his coat like a flying squirrel.
He wasn't wearing a single thread underneath. And she took a straight look on it.
Muttering such, Akane fell down like a broken pole.

"Don't worry about it, Senri-san! You're doing fine!"
After being nursed back to health (like a sidelined athlete) on the park bench, Akane finally resurrected.
"Do I... look erotic?"
"Well of course you do! You're full with adult charm! You're a tigress!"
"I see..."
"To make a man gone wild so suddenly, you really are a serpent! Please keep guiding us along, Senri-san!"
"So we're still doing this...."

She pushed herself through her second battle.
The second one to came was a tall, bespectacled young man.
He was wearing suit, so he must be a white-collar worker.
And everyone of the RomanClub back there was...
"Prince-type is here!"
"He must be good with words!"
"Oh my! My maiden part is throbbing!"

...making racket like that.
"You.... What do you want from me?"
Again, it was the man who first spoke out to her.
"Are you inviting me with such obscene aura all over you? You really are a perverted lady."
It was too much for her that Akane couldn't even say anything in return.
"Hmm, if you really can't get me off your mind so much, then... sure. I'll play along with you. Let's trade our underwear for starters. There's a public toilet over there. Come with me."
Akane turned her heels and walked the opposite direction from that man, returning herself to where the RomanClub was.
"Please call the police."
She complained with teary eyes.
"Tell them we have a lecher over here."
"Huh!? He's such a hot guy! You raised the flag already!"
"This isn't about flag anymore! This is definitely the case of stranger danger!"
"But you usually have 5 groins a day, so that much is just a matter of breathing, no?"

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Even after that, numerous of perverts stood in Akane's way.
"I want to lodge in you tonight."
"You wanna try playing ring toss game for adults?"
"I'd be terribly obliged to you if you would trample on me."

Did they all think of Akane as a happy-go-slutty girl?
Akane shuddered as such thoughts spontaneously crossed her mind

Halfway through, Akane felt that it'd be dangerous if those perverts remember her face, so she continued the hunt wearing a sunglasses she purchased from a convenience store. Even so, not a single decent man ever appeared.

"Let's make the next one the last...."
Mentally tired, Akane approached a man without even bothering looking at his face.
That way, most of perverts surely couldn't help striking a conversation first.
Sure enough, it happened just as predicted.

"Um, excuse me, miss?"
"Alright, alright. What do you want from me? Verbal abuse? Or do you wish to be stomped on? Or you want my underwear as your main course?"
"....huh? No. You dropped this."
"I'm not gonna do any of it, okay! Serve you right, pervs!"
"I told you, you dropped this."
The boy held out a purse.
It was definitely hers.
"Ah, thank you.... I didn't notice at all..."
When she finally had a clear view of the boy, Akane was startled.
He was wearing pajama. He was wearing sandals. He was wearing Groucho glasses.
"Ah, do I look strange to you? Sorry, I have my own circumstances..."
"Don't tell me you're a patient on the run?"
"No, I'm not. I'm just taking a walk. And I'll return to the hospital anyway. I just want to live decently.... So I'm just walking around for my independent training."
He really must be a patient on the run.
Well, it didn't matter at this late anyway.

"You want to live decently?"
Those words struck deeply.
"Well, it is important."
"It really is."
She somehow could get along with him.
If only he didn't have his Groucho glasses on....
"Well, then don't turn into pervert. Just live on with healthy mind and body."
The boy's face darkened.
"I think... I might be a little perverted."
"Even a youngster like you.... What's your fetish?"
She was taken aback when she realized what she had just asked.
"Wh- What the hell did I just ask...!?"
"Um, you know..."
The boy fidgeted and stole a glance towards Akane's chest.
"I'm really... into boobs."
That was certainly anticlimactic.
So normal.
So surprisingly normal.
This normal behavior certainly had a clear radiance in comparison to perverts like that Twinkle Stars.[4]
Akane felt as if she just found a salvation.
"Be glad. That alone won't make you a pervert."
"Liking boobs is just normal, you know? Just like a matter of breathing."
"Uh..... So, can- can I touch them?"
"Well, you just told me that it's normal..."
"You think I'm gonna let a stranger in Groucho glasses casually fondle my breasts!? Just get the hell outta here!"
"You're just toying with me..."
The young man left dejected.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

In the end, not even once she could seduce anyone decent.
Even so, she was welcomed with cheers when she returned to where the others were.
"Senri-san! You have such a high encounter rate! All you need is to get out and boys will come one after another!"
"And they're all just the greatest men I've ever seen! Although the last one with Groucho glasses is a total weirdo..."
"You really are a witch who can manipulate men as you please!"
"Senri-san.... We will be friends for eternity!"

Oobayashi took Akane's hand tearfully.
Following her, one by one, each of them put their hands together.
"Oobayashi-san, and everyone..."
Is this what they called "friendship"? Is this what they called "companionship"?
Her deceit wasn't exposed anyway, so she was still able to hold her honor.
She was glad that she had gathered her courage to go to school.
That was what Akane thought from the bottom of her heart.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Few weeks later, the RomanClub went collapsed.
The members got themselves boyfriend one after another and left the club.
"Sorry, Senri-san! I just want to cherish the time with my boyfriend right now! Here, have this club room key. It had been passed down by the Occlub from generation to generation, but now I'll leave it to your hands! You can do whatever you want with it! Oobayashi Kirakira, maximum euphoria! Ciao!"
Oobayashi left with her cheerful friendship break-up declaration, leaving Akane all by herself again.
"How snobbish..."
She felt like putting a curse to all lovers out there in the whole world.
Such grudge alone would be enough to make Akane take an action.
It was just around the start of summer vacation, and Akane had a large-scale reconstruction of the club room by exploiting her authority. And thus the room had turned into a fortress for a shut-in Akane is.
"The world out there is full of perverts... How very dangerous... Let's just play video games..."
It was just a little while until Akane would have another encounter with the Groucho glasses boy, Tennouji Kotarou.

[Third Chapter - End]

Translation notes:

[1] "Abdol Damral Omnis Nomnis" (アブドル・ダムラル・オムニス・ノムニス) is probably referencing to 三つ目がとおる | Mitsume ga Tooru, a manga series by Osamu Tezuka. The main character uses this spell to control his weapon. (Full spell is "Abutoru-Damuraru-Omunisu-Nomunisu Beru Esu Horimaku" or "Abtol Damral Omnis Nomnis Ver Es Holimak"). Note that the spell in this story started with "Abdol" not "Abtol", so this is definitely not a copyright infringement, really!
"Eko Eko Azarak" is the opening phrase for Wiccan chant. But it's probably referencing to another old time manga which also got itself films and TV series adaptation.
"Elohim Essaim" is probably more known as the weird spell thing that Kaori does used to do in Shigatsu no Uso. But Kaori/author of ShigaUso probably uses 悪魔くん | Akuma-kun, another old timey manga by Shigeru Mizuki, as reference. Just listen to the OP Theme of the anime adaptation. The phrase itself is actually used for summoning... demon, or something related to black magic rituals good lord, Kaori...
Whoever writing this story must be old. I mean, generation gap is so interesting![^]

[2] Uh, I don't really sure where to start with this...
In Japan there's a phenomenon known as DQN names (DQN or dokyun being the SFX for doing something stupid, thus: dumbass names) or Kirakira names (sparkly names), which is: naming your child with "flashy" or especially creative names, usually Kanji with unusual reading (a.k.a. furigana absolutely required). In this case, Kirakira (name) literally has Kirakira (term) name. The kanji is written as 星星 (normal reading would say Hoshiboshi, meaning "stars", but being read as Kirakira, it would mean "sparkly" or "twinkle twinkle") If this was localized 4Kids style, Oobayashi's full name would be "Twinkles Forrester". Another examples of DQN names are : 月 (Kanji tsuki, means "moon") being read as Light; 戦人 (sento, literally means "battle person") being read as Battler (honestly, Umineko is full of this); also names like Ruby or Dia is a bit uncommon too in Japan, I guess those count too. Real case, there were Japanese parents who tried naming their child Pikachu (no, really).[^]

[3] Happening bar or Couple Cafe is quite like sex club where people pay for membership (plus going through test to become a member) and in the bar they can chat and meet strangers who have the same interest/fetish (They can even swap partners there when entering as couple, if some people are really into NTR... Also it's not uncommon that married men/women frequent in this place without their spouse knowing) It doesn't really fall into prostitution, since the employees of the bar don't give sexual service to the customer (I supposed so?) and whatever happens in the bar isn't limited to sex or so (they can just casually chat without going wild, and what may or may not happen is entirely up to customers.) But again, sexual activity in such bar is very much expected and that's why this kind of place also provides room and showers. Kind of similar with love hotel, except that in this place you can have numerous of one-night stand with strangers, with membership.
Yeah, I know. This is bizarro.[^]

[4] In this sentence Akane called Kirakira as 綺羅星 (Kiraboshi, "twinkling stars") instead.[^]

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