Official Another Story Rewrite - Chapter 2 : I'm Telling You, I Hate You

This is the translation of the second chapter of Official Another Story Rewrite ~Hayure Sasayaku Komichi de~ This chapter is the prequel about Chihaya right before her moving into Kazamatsuri City. This chapter might also explain Chihaya's attachment to her old uniform (or maybe I'm just reading too much into it). Anyway, if you haven't read Rewrite you should probably back off from reading this since it spoils about Chihaya's background as a [SPOILER]. Also since it's been years since the last time I played Rewrite, I had already forgotten about some technical terms etc, and thus, pointing out correction will be really helpful to me and the other readers. (In addition, characters with significant role in the story will have their dialogues highlighted in colors. I hope it doesn't spoil much.)

Official Another Story Rewrite : Chapter 2
I'm Telling You, I Hate You
02 - cover - Chihaya
Word count roughly 3515 words.

It was a spring day.
It was a season when the cherry blossoms had fallen, and before long the few greenery areas in the town would gradually turn lush in deep green.
[You got a job.]
By that phone call, it was decided that I would leave the town I had gotten used to. was such a spring day.

My new home would be the top floor of a tall condominium.
From the window, I could see an extensive view of an unfamiliar town.
"I'm done."
Done arranging my own room, I returned to the living room and called out to Sakuya.
"Well done. Then, should we have a lunch now? For today, it's not such a bad idea that we would be eating out a day long."
"Wow, it's been a while since the last time we ate out~"
"We would be sightseeing the town as well in the process. Chihaya-san, please prepare yourself to head out."
I went back to my bedroom to look for the bag I brought.
Something's ringing. Must be my cell phone.
I took it out from my bag in hurry and accepted the call.
So bluntly.
"I got called a buffoon..."
Akane-san was so harsh as always.
[So, mind if I ask you some... no, a ton of questions?]
"Yeah? What is it?"
[I told you not to stand out, didn't I?]
[Then, would you mind explaining the reason to rent the top two floors of the tallest and newest condominium in the town with tons of luxurious furnishings on your possession?]
"Uhh, I wouldn't know about that."
[And shortly after moving in, your butler appeared in your school or something.]
"Oh, that would be Sakuya..."
"You called me buffoon again...."
My phone was taken from my hand in a swift.
With a smile on his face, Sakuya put the phone to his ear.
"I'm terribly sorry, young lady."
"Yes, I thought it would be disturbing the neighbors on the lower floors if things happen to get noisy."
"I would like to let Chihaya-san have a taste of living on her own."
"No, we would just suit up until we're done with the formalities. Would that be a problem to you?"
"Yes, I deeply apologize for causing you unnecessary concerns, but please have a peace of mind and leave everything to me."
"Hahaha, that would be trivial."

He kept answering with a smile.
"Well, until next time."
With a push to the button, he cut off the call.
"She told us that she would be relying on us. We have to do our best."
"Oh... Is that so?"

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

The next day.
"Good morning~"
"Good morning, Chihaya-san. You are quite early today."
I returned Sakuya's smile with my boastful grin.

With breakfast and all other things done, the preparation was complete.
"Well then, I'll be going!"
"Ah, please wait for a moment, Chihaya-san."
"What is it?"
"Please let me take some photographs and recording."
He set up video camera and digital camera as he smiled cheerfully.
" long as it doesn't make me late."
Personally, I don't really like it, but Sakuya would be really sad if I said no, so I had to play along with him.

I walked alone on the road of an unfamiliar town.
I quite like it.
(But, my job, huh......)
I go in and out from school to school as a transfer student.
If the job gets done quick, one week is enough. If it takes longer, I'll get transferred again in a month.
My job, is to search for young summoners.
There are actually quite a lot of people who are only able to control familiars.
The problem is the ones who summon them.
It would get nasty if a summoner blends into the community of ordinary people.
Tracking such person in advance, would be my job. be completely honest, I don't find school enjoyable.
(I mean, it's so troublesome to remember names from time to time......)
I sighed.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"......I'm the transfer student, Ohtori Chihaya. Nice to meet you."
That was my introduction for the umpteenth time.
And after this, things would just get as predictable as before.
"Well, you can have a seat on the vacant one back there... For today, ask someone next to you to show their textbooks."
"Ah, sure."
As I was told, I headed to the seat on the back of the classroom with shower of glances from my classmates.
......and at recess, storm of self-introductions and barrage of questions.
A girl scattered the group of boys and took her place in front of my desk.
"Self introduction: I'm Amagasaki Azumi. Nice to meet ya!"
"Ah, sure..."
"That said, girls unite!"
......There's no way I could remember just by being told once.
(This is really wearing me out......)
When the recess was over, I slumped and let the desk hold my body.
Suddenly the boy next to me passed me a stack of papers.
"What is this?"
"Copy of the textbook. It'd be troublesome to read one side-by-side, right?"
"...yeah, that's true."
"I used the copier in the printing room, so don't overthink about it."
"Oh... Thank you very much, umm..."
"I'm Ashiya. I'm the head class representative, so just ask me anything if you need to."
"Class rep..."
"Anyway, we're gonna get busy from now on."
"It's almost the cultural festival soon. We're doing haunted house, by the way."
...Guess I got transferred at a bad time.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

After the end of the first day of school, I returned home as fast as I could.
"So, this one is Kounan-san, and..."
I was matching the list of names and photos of my classmates, which Sakuya had prepared beforehand.
"How was it? Could you find one?"
"So far I don't think I can spot anyone like that."
"Well, of course they can't be revealing their true nature immediately."
This time, there's a high probability that it would be a high school student, I think.
Sakuya explained various things one after another, but I didn't really get it. For the time being, it felt like the suspicious one must be a male student of that school.
"What kind of people we're looking for right now?"
"They're involved in... mysterious death case, is what I would say."
That was one of our rough guess.
It was clearly a slaughter case with unusual cause of death.
"The cow was, um, what's the word... Cat- Cattell... something?"
"It's Cattle Mutilation. Familiars like Worm, or anything with similar trait surely could create identical situation like that."
Somehow that made me felt sick.
(Although I would notice immediately if anyone had summoned a familiar around....)

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Even after a week, there was nothing significant at school.
"So... I've been meaning to ask."
I walked through the hallway with Amagasaki-san, the first girl to greet me on the first day of school.
"Why did I get pointed as the cultural festival committee, even though I just came to this school..."
"No, no. You're just the assistant. The assistant, hear me? Isn't this a great opportunity to get in contact and get along with everyone?"
Guess that I got involved in various troublesome matters......
"Hey, boys! Get yourself working!"
With the cultural festival approaching in three weeks, Amagasaki-san had been going around instructing everyone like a leader.
"We have a band practice!"
"Well, that... can't be helped then.... At least, help us with the heavy lifting."
"We won't have enough time to practice then..."
What a troublesome boy.
I heard that he just pretended to be dedicated on the band (?) but he just wanted to play hooky from our class preparation.
"What are you saying? We girls won't be able to carry these piles of plywood!"
"Sorry. Just ask someone else."
"Everyone else are doing their own share of work!"
Things were getting sour......
"Okay... You don't mind if I take the job, right?"
"What are you saying, Ohtori-san....?"
"Okay, I'll leave it to you!"
The band boy happily left the classroom.
Amagasaki-san glared at his back discontentedly.
"Ah, geez! We don't have enough people! To begin with, it's just impossible to prepare everything in a month!"
....then she exploded.
"Well, there's no point in complaining. Let's carry on."
So, I tried carrying them.
They are planks for partition in the haunted house, so they're quite big.
Then, I took three... four sheets of plywood.
Amagasaki-san remained still with her eyes open widely.
"You're awesome!!!"
"H-huh? What is?"
"Your strength!"
"Well... I'm more of a strength person after all..."
"Awesome! Muscle Power! Perfect Body!"
I didn't really get why, but she was getting in the high spirit.
"Alright, now with the decorations!"
We spread a large black linen carton as she hummed.
"Our band practice ended quite early today."
"Woah, you're all done carrying the planks?"
Our female classmates started to enter the classroom.
"Yeah! Ohtori-san did all the carrying!"
"You two were doing these all? Awesome!"
"That's amazing!"
All of us continued working in a great excitement.
"......Looks like you are having fun."
"Huh? Of course I am. You know, isn't it fun if everything goes well?"
I just couldn't get it.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"I wonder why there are fun people and not fun people."
I talked about today to Sakuya during dinnertime.
"Hmm. I believe that would be because of differences in value."
"Of course I know about that..."
"I see. You are trying to figure out the summoner by comparing such things. How admirable, Chihaya-san."
"Ah, that's not..."
"But please, remember this..."
"What is it?"
"It wouldn't be easy to determine whether one has what it takes to be part of Gaia only from such superficial things."
"Even people who appears bright and cheerful could have negative and abysslike darkness deep in their heart."
"People who is burdened with grave unhappiness, people who is burdened with light unhappiness but thinks otherwise, they may had gone through similar depth.... Even there are people who wish to die just because they can't choose a scarf to wear. That is about their own sense of values."
"It's really complicated."
"It really is."
Guess that I shouldn't think too much and just find the contract line just as always.
"Speaking of which..."
"Ended up with having such thoughts, do you find your school life fun, Chihaya-san?"
"....I don't know."
Even if he doesn't have his memories from back then, it seemed that he remembers that school was supposed to be fun.
But for me, I really wouldn't know about it.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"Can't find 'em..."
From the school roof, I set a leaf bird to explore the school.
With the cultural festival approaching in three days, there were still a lot of people around the campus even after school had ended.
What I could hear were passing conversations, laughter, sound of hammering.
At times there were some quarrels too, but...
(....seems like everyone is having fun)
If I were to live normally, I wonder if I would feel like that.
(Ah, Amagasaki-san is looking for me...)
For now, I should head back.
By this time, our signboard would be having its finishing touch.
In the end, even I found it a little bit exciting to see how it would turn out like.
( it that kind of feeling?)
Somehow it made me fuzzy......
First thing of all, I gotta return leaf bird on my hands.
I found him.
"He's in... our classroom..."

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

I tried making sure about it after the sun had set and everyone had went home.
The familiar was placed in the corner of the classroom, inside a flower pot which was never there up until this morning.
"It's the type which sucks out blood..."
Guess the cattle muttle-whatever was done by this too.
It's probably something similar to Leaf Dragon, the kind which can turn big at once and attack people by command.
I turned around to where the voice came from.
It was Ashiya-kun who was seated next to me.
"You're still doing preparations at this late? How diligent!"
"I'm not... And what about you?"
"Well, I'm the class rep, so I'm just checking if anyone is still in the class even after nightfall."
"That's not it, right?"
"You're checking on this, aren't you?"
I dragged out the familiar.
"I know. You're its master, right? The unnatural death incident before, it was your doing, wasn't it?"
"......haha, you got me. I'm surprised. I thought I'm the only one who knows about it."
He dropped the bag from his shoulders.
From the bag he took out a plant familiar which looked like a sea anemone wriggling its limbs.
"You know, this thing is so convenient. After all, it would only cause unbelievable deaths......"
The sea anemone creature transformed roughly as big as a human.
"....even if I kill a person with this, I wouldn't get suspected!"
"Even though I prepared this to finish Amagasaki off!"
"Amagasaki-san? Why...?"
"Well, I can just easily kill anyone I don't like.... And I hate her the most! I can't believe she just ignored me, the class rep, and then she goes deciding and controlling everything for the cultural festival....!"
"....that's it?"
"That's it!? Why you! Anyone I dislike should just...."
"You are just the kind of person I dislike!!!!"
I grabbed the chair on my side.
"People like you...."
Then, toward the sea anemone creature, with full force...
...with full force, I smashed it from its side.
The sea anemone familiar was easily torn apart in half and it stopped moving at all.
"Wh- What the—!?"
"Geez! No matter how I think of it, you're just irritating me! Why are you using familiars with such ill intent to everyone in the class!?"
"No! Don't come! I'm still preparing to summon the others!"
"You know that I'm just gonna knock them down again until you're done for."
"Don't you underestim-... ah?"
A shadow hit Ashiya-kun from behind.
"...what an ill-mannered brat. Is this some kind of trend for youngsters these days?"
The shadow— Sakuya carried the unconscious Ashiya-kun away.
"Sakuya, I leave the rest to you."
Perhaps... that Ashiya-kun would become a member of Gaia.
I know there's a department filled only with that kind of people.
(The kind of person I dislike....)
I dislike it, but what am I doing in such place...?
Suddenly there was another voice, and I immediately turned around.
Amagasaki-san was there, staring at me with a puzzled look on her face.
"...why are you still staying here all alone, at this late?"
"Ah, no, this is......"
"If you still have something to do, you can just ask me for help, you know?"
Since I first came here, Amagasaki-san had always been like that.
She would offer a help to the clueless me from time to time.
"Uh, I... I just wanna know why you would.... care so much about me."
"Is that just because we're both in the cultural festival committee?"
She laughed listlessly.
"I thought I just can get along with you somehow."
"Honestly speaking, that's because I'm just out of place in the class. I know that."
"Out of place?"
"For some reason, I just don't have a place to belong. It feels like I'm getting left out from the group."
Since I came here, I had always seen Amagasaki-san as a hardworking, bright, gentle and a very, very nice person.
"But, they all still talk to you, and they don't seem like having any hatred to you...."
"Even so, I don't have anyone who is like a best friend to me."
I somehow understood those words.
"You know, maybe it was too late when I realized how bad I messed up. Like how I forced myself to be cheerful to be liked. At first I just couldn't get in... like how it was for me in the middle school."
"It sounds tiresome...."
"It is. But it was so much fun during the cultural festival. I think I can get along better with the class this time."
Amagasaki-san laughed, albeit bitterly.
( she having fun?)
That's how I felt, so that must be it.
"And that's because you came in, Ohtori-san."
"I think we just have good vibes together."
I somehow got an idea.
Maybe I could just spend my life like a normal person, if it's with her.
But, I had finished my job, so I'd be transferred again.
(......If I just ask Sakuya selfishly, I can stay here a little longer...)
Surely he wouldn't mind to let me have a little taste of comfortable "normality".
That's what I thought.
"Hey, is this your bag?"
"Huh? Ah...."
Amagasaki-san took the bag, the one that Ashiya-kun put a familiar inside.
"What is this? Looks like some kind of grass... Huh?"
In an instant, I saw a line ran through. A contract line. The one that connects familiar to a summoner when they made a contract....
In other words...
(Amagasaki-san... is a summoner...)
Right now and here... Amagasaki-san who said that school is fun...?
If that's the case, then... Work for Gaia....
My head started to spin.
A summoner... Join Gaia? Then she would leave school... even though everything just about to work out...
But then Amagasaki-san would be with me in Gaia... No, that's not right. What am I gonna do if Amagasaki-san was to be put in my shoes, and surely she would...
"Ah, um.... Guess it was nothing. Well, let's get back home."
"'re so annoying."
Those were the only words I could come up with.
And nothing followed after.
Amagasaki-san didn't say anything either.
That moment just felt like an eternity.
.....I opened my mouth.
"If things are going well on your side, then you don't have to meddle with me anymore, right?"
That moment, I thought it would be for the best.
Perhaps, that's the best for Amagasaki-san.
And for me... I'd end the job without leaving any peculiar attachment to or from anyone.
"I'm telling you, I hate you."
As soon as I said that, her shoulders started to tremble.
"I wish you could've just told me that from the beginning."
Perhaps that was for the best, and the worst.
"....I'm such a fool."
She said nothing more, and fled from the classroom.
I'm the foolish one here.
It would be better... if I don't have to think about these irrelevant matters.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

After disposing the familiar left by Ashiya-kun, I headed back home.
When I arrived at the floor with Japanese-style room, I was welcomed by the smell of Sakuya's cooking.
"....I'm back."
"Welcome back, Chihaya-san. For today I managed to get high quality beef, so we will be having beef stew for dinn—... Chihaya-san?"
"...Sakuya, I'm done with the job... I don't have to go to school tomorrow, right?"
"Huh? But..."
"I don't wanna go there anymore..."
"But why is it? It appeared to me that you were looking forward to the cultural festival?"
"...I don't care about that."
I went directly to my room just like that.
While I was thinking a lot of things,
Tears started to swell up.
Why must I... live like this?

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"That's why...."
[I wouldn't mind with you moving out... But what's with this time? She had been doing this just fine up until now.]
"She's in a difficult age."
[So, by that reason alone, why must I look for a job for your own convenience?]
"How about becoming a bodyguard for young lady Akane?"
[I don't need that moron to tag along with me. I'd have to look after her instead in that case.]
"Ha ha ha. Please don't speak ill of Chihaya-san like that. Even I can lose my temper eventually."
"That's why, I would like to request for us to be stationed somewhere which is more... relaxed, where we can stay for a little longer. Possibly somewhere which is close to young lady Akane."
[I won't promise it'd be quick. I also have my own circumstances. But I'll think about it.]
"Thank you very much."
[In addition... If you ever try to threaten again, I'm gonna get my revenge someday.]
"I would be glad to wait until the time comes."

The next day, we departed from this town.
After only a while in that town, we would move in to a new town.
Kazamatsuri City.
It's where the Gaia's headquarter is.
"Well, I'll be going now."
I left the house with cardboard box in my arms.
(This time...)
This time I don't want to repeat the same mistake.
That's why, if I find someone that look like can get along with me, I'm gonna say this...
"I hate you".

[Second Chapter - End]

Translation note:
There's nothing much to be noted/viewed real-time here, but I'll just do it anyway.

The part where Sakuya asked for recordings and photos, he really was being a doting father to Chihaya. Usually, caring (or maybe doting) parents take commemorative pictures for their kids' first day of school (e.g. being in first year in elementary school, or middle school, or high school). But considering that Chihaya changes school like every week or every month, it seems a bit too excessive and I understand that Chihaya would be tired of such routines. (Plus it might just reminds her about how often she has to change school. But I'm sure Sakuya doesn't have any bad intention.)

If you had forgotten, Worm is some type of familiar. Below is the screenshot of translated description by Amaterasu TLs.worm-01.png

Threre's also entry for Leaf Birdleafbird-01.png

Also cattle mutilation is some kind of weird case of animal deaths where it's usually bloodless. It's totally weird, so there have been speculations about aliens or occult stuff regarding that.

Chihaya doesn't seem to understand what a "band" is. She speaks of band in hiragana ばんど instead of katakana バンド and the question mark signified it. Maybe because she had not enough time to understand what a "band" is from her previous schools. Or maybe she's just super dumb. Or overprotected by helicopter dad Sakuya.

Last note, here's a screenshot from the VN in case you had forgotten
chihaya-kirai.jpg"But for unrelated reasons, I hate you."

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