G-Senjou no Maou review

Hello everyone.

Now I want to make a little review on G-Senjou no Maou.
Oh, god, why. Why didn't I have this a little earlier. I must say that I am quite ashamed to play such brilliant visual novel just now. I was way too late. But still, it's still enjoyable no matter how late you are.

Let's have a little information about this VN first.

G-Senjou no Maou (lit. The Devil on G-String) is a visual novel by Akabeisoft2. G-Sen was pretty well received, if I must say, it's the best VN of 2008. The full translation patch was first released in 2010's Christmas day (Wheew, it's a great Christmas present, nice doing, TLWIKI) and guess what, I played it in July 2012. After all, this summer break, I want to get crazy with anime and visual novels (because when I'm not in break, I don't have the chance to).
At first glance, I kinda wondered what kind of VN is this. By the title, I was thinking "Oh, perhaps it's musical VN like Symphonic Rain or La Corda" and "Oh, 'Maou', it must be something magical and RPG-like". While in fact, it's completely different. It's like detective story with a lot of thinking. I am stupid, so sometimes I have to process word by word to fully comprehend the situation. It took me a long time to play this, but that's worth it. In fact, sometimes I didn't even want to stop playing, I wanted to play this for 30 hours straight with no rest.

While I usually make a lot of spoiler at reviews, I want to restrain myself doing so. Why? Because the last part of this visual novel is really awesome, it's a waste to read spoilers of it. Don't ever look for information of this VN in websites especially wikipedia. You'll lost your excitement once you got the spoiler.
And, don't use walkthrough. It's much more fun to find the way on your own.
Especially, this is quite an unique VN IMO. In other VN, you pick choice between choices to get a flag. In this VN, the flag is always there, you don't necessarily do anything to encounter the flag. It's just your choice to drop the flag or go straight to the heroine you choose.

Well, in the first chapter is an introduction. The protagonist here, Azai Kyousuke, I must say that he's like a human with real superpowers. By superpowers, I mean, power of money and intelligence. His (adoptive) father, Azai Gonzou, is a yakuza boss (and moreover, the big boss of the yakuza which controls the entire city), and Kyousuke works behind his name.
While he's doing dirty business, the protagonist seeks for comfort in school. The first girl you'll encounter is Miwa Tsubaki. She's the class rep and student council prez. She's really gentle and nice. Then, the protag's best buddy, Aizawa Eiichi. At first glance you will think that he's the innocent cute-boy type, but you'll find his real personality just a little later ahahaha. There's also Azai Kanon, the protag's step sister, who is a famous figure-skater, and has a bright personality. Then, there's also a cool and distant girl, Shiratori Mizuha, which Kyousuke kinda has interest in, because her father owns a company (actually, the school they're in) which is of course, being watched by Azai Corporation. Then, a strange girl transferred in their class. With her extremely long hair and strange personality, she stood out pretty well. She's Usami Haru. Usami called herself "Hero" and she said she will defeat "Devil", aka 'Maou'.

While Kyousuke thinks that Usami was just childish, talking about Maou and such, he received an e-mail from 'Maou', much less, a letter of challenge. He reported it to Gonzou and the big boss had got his interest in 'Maou'. While in the other side, Usami was also challenged by 'Maou' and they were playing tag of hatred and revenge in the whole Tomanbetsu city.

- Chapter 2 -
The scene often changed to Maou's perspective. He was talking to Sannou Corporation's leader, Mr. Someya. FYI, Sannou is a corporation that has a lot of connection with Azai Corporation (or, Sonoyama Group). Sannou wanted to build a recreation place in the Western District (or Eastern? I kinda forgot), but they encountered a problem because there's a family which refuses to move away. And apparently, it's Miwa's household, Tsubaki's family. Maou had interest and decided to play with her.
Kyousuke himself wants Miwa household to move away because if he couldn't, Sannou would break their connection to Sonoyama Group. Erg, a lot of business terms.

Kyousuke, Eiichi and Usami went to Tsubaki's house. Surprisingly, it's a pretty big family. They also found out that the family often begged, or threatened to move away. Kyousuke was also slowly convincing Tsubaki's father to move away.
Tsubaki's youngest brother, Hiroaki often disappear and the group of classmates were searching for him in the middle of the night.
And... the next day...?, that youngest brother was kidnapped. 'Maou' is the kidnapper and he asked for 50 millions yen for ransom. Kyousuke used the opportunity to make the Miwa household move away. In the end, Miwa household was forced to move away and sell their land to pay the ransom, and the youngest brother was released. Maou even played with Tsubaki and make her more 'human'. Tsubaki became more self-centered and she wasn't the loving and caring girl anymore. But in the end, Hiroaki's innocent self was able to make Tsubaki realize that her family is indeed important to her.

-Tsubaki's route-

In Tsubaki's route, blah-blah, Kyousuke began to feel warmth in Miwa family. Kyousuke himself has a dark past, he was living in poverty and sufferings with his mother. His real father has a debt, that's why they were living in such poor condition. The debt collector (Gonzou himself) eventually came to them and Kyousuke left his mother to join yakuza, as well to pay the debt. His mother condition, btw, was really awful. She was mentally ill.
While actually he himself want to be with Miwa family in their old house, Tsubaki's dad got 50 million yen from their relatives and it means that they don't have to move away. Kyousuke ordered a lot of gangs to threaten Miwa family and he confessed personally to Tsubaki that he's the one who wanted the most for Miwa family to move away. In the end, Tsubaki was able to make him realize that even living in poverty is good if you have your family, the ones you want to protect to be beside you.

- Chapter 3 -
If you drop Tsubaki's flag, you'll be getting yourself into chapter 3. In this chapter, Gonzou was threatened by Maou that his mistress, Kanon's mother, will be killed if Kanon made it to Olympics. At this chapter, Gonzou put Usami as well to chase Maou. In Maou's perspective, he was told by Someya to put Kanon down because Sannou corporation put a lot of investment to Kanon's rival in figure-skating.
In this chapter, a character named Tokita Yuki appeared and she's Usami's friend. She's a daughter of police specializing in negotiations. They caught Maou's accomplice and Tokita negotiated to that accomplice so they could know Maou's next movement.

-Kanon's route-

Kanon's route is much a problem about Kanon and her personality. She was raised a spoiled child. She refused to admit that she's wrong. She always looks happy and nonchalant, but actually it's because she doesn't want to be distracted by anything other than figure-skating. Her mother, her previous coach was using her for her own sake. Even though she hated her mother whom she always called 'coach' instead of 'mom', Kyousuke told her that she's still her mother and Kanon realized that she's really grateful to her mom, the one who invite her to her world of figure-skating. In the end, Kanon grew up and throw away her selfish personality.

- Chapter 4 -
If you ignore Kanon's flag, then you're in chapter 4.
Maou's accomplice told Tokita that the plan was to throw a bomb when Kanon's in the arena. The yakuzas, as well Usami and Kyousuke, chased for Maou in the ice stadium. After a lot of thinking here and there, Usami came to realize that the target wasn't Kanon, nor her mother, but Gonzou himself. Maou planted a bomb in Gonzou's car. Upon hearing the explosion, Kyousuke was extremely upset to hear that Gonzou's dead (even though he actually had the thought to kill him over and over). Apparently, Gonzou's not dead because he already predicted that Maou was aiming for his life.
Sadly, Maou was not captured.

Surprise in the next day, Tokita transferred in their class. More surprise, she's Shiratori Mizuha's half-sister. She said that Shiratori's dad had a mistress and blah blah, you know.
Tokita's talkative personally was completely different with Shiratori. Surprisingly, after Tokita came, Shiratori became more social and she even tried to hit on our protag. Btw, Shiratori's tsundere, she's so cute. I must say this chapter filled me with laughter.

Tokita and Shiratori invited Kyousuke, Eiichi and Usami for stargazing in the school. And, shit happened. Shiratori was kidnapped by their own classmate, Hashimoto. Hashimoto is the son of the vice president of the school. The vice president was jailed because of embezzlement issue and he was angry because Shiratori's dad, the president of the school should be the one to be in jail.

-Mizuha's route-

After the kidnapping incident which they let police to handle, Mizuha grew more close to Kyousuke. Mizuha was madly in love with Kyousuke for some cliche reasons, but it doesn't really matter.
At some point, Tokita told Kyousuke to take care of Mizuha. The next day she disappeared. And amazing time skip, it's already three years after.
Mizuha became like her sister in the way of speech and socializing. She grew up independent because she tried to understand the hardships Tokita was in. Mizuha eventually made her prideful dad to apologize to her sister. After that, Kyousuke proposed to Mizuha, but she rejected him. Surprise, Tokita was there on the place Mizuha ran off to. Tokita explained her disappearance, and Mizuha told her that she has her own independent life. Tokita asked her to marry Kyousuke, for her own happiness. They got married in the end. The end.

- Chapter 5 -
Just ignore Mizuha's route and get into the awesomeness.
In the continuation of last chapter, surprise surprise, Tokita was the one who created the plan to kidnap Mizuha. Her objective was revenge to Shiratori's dad. And the most suprising, Maou had Tokita's back. Kyousuke had bunch of yakuza for a plan to capture Tokita. Usami begged Kyousuke to let Tokita go despite her involvement to Maou. Too late, Gonzou was there. While Gonzou almost took Tokita and Shiratori, Kyousuke gathered his courage to threaten Gonzou so Tokita, Shiratori and Usami could flee.
After the ruckus, Gonzou told Kyousuke that his mother has met her tragic end. Kyousuke was bitter and he was deep in despair. Usami came by his side and told him that she wants to comfort him, she loves him. But Kyousuke was filled with rage so he drove her away.

And.... Kyousuke thinks that he is indeed Maou himself. After all, he hates Tsubaki, he wants to kill Gonzou, and everything just make sense if he really is Maou.

And..... apparently, Maou is.... and....!!!

Oh well, the last chapter is awesome. So awesome. It'll be a waste if you read the spoiler here or anywhere else, so just grab that VN and find out yourself.

Story: 80/100
I must say, the story is pretty confusing especially for someone stupid like me. Each route was various in quality. I must say that every route is good and bad. I was disappointed with Kanon's route the most because I felt like... ergh. Tsubaki's route is pretty good compared to the others IMO. Mizuha's route is kinda... mmh. The true end is pretty awesome even though I feel kinda... hhmmmm about it. The bad endings, I kinda feel like it's not really bad if you think about it in roundabout way. After all, I want to quote from Maou, that the concept of good and bad are different on each subject. I must say that the good isn't really good and the bad isn't really bad.
But most importantly, in this VN I got myself "Whaaat!?" and "OMG!" over and over. It's kind of awesomeness ecstasy.

Music: 80/100
The music is pretty good for me. It's kinda remix of various classical music. I like to listen classical music as well, so perhaps that's why I think it's good. But, in the other side, I was more interested in the music than in the story. Sometimes the music even more stand out than anything else, or, I must say sometimes the music is not supporting the story and situation, rather disturbing our focus to the story.

Characters: 85/100
I must say, the VN is awesome because in the end I can't hate anyone here. I must say that I really hated Tsubaki because of her pure personality. Kanon was really annoying, oh I hate her so much. Shiratori is kinda annoying too. But then, after every route done, I like everyone here. I must say that I changed my opinion a lot towards Kanon after her route. Gonzou, too, is awesome. He is... awesome. I was kinda afraid of him but in the end, he is... awesome. Even Eiichi, which at first glance would likely to be someone I hate so much, I actually like him because he is kinda funny on his own way, and even he played a pretty awesome role in the last chapter.

Voice: 85/100
The voice acting here is awesome IMO.

Art: 80/100
The art is good. Sometimes there are some mistakes in the CG, like in the scene where Shiratori should be wearing her school uniform, instead she was drawn in her casual attire. And I think Kanon looks childish in her daily CG, but in the event CG she looks so mature like a different person.
And... I don't like impossible clothing. The breasts looks really tight around the chest.
I think I haven't found any awful anatomy here. But somehow I think the girls were plump even though it's the correct anatomy.

Game system: 75/100
There's really small interaction here. I like the fact that you can customize your setting with font color and such. But there's almost no gameplay here. Just read. Sometimes the choices don't really matter because you don't have to pick option here and there to get the flag. The flag is already there.

Just play this VN. It's aweeesomeeeee~!