Official Another Story Rewrite - Chapter 1: Seeking for a Small Happiness

This is the translation of the first chapter of Official Another Story Rewrite ~Hayure Sasayaku Komichi de~ This chapter is focused on Kotori, as a side story that happens probably during Rewrite common route. It's a light and fun story to read. Additionally, this story is also available in the format of Drama CD that came with Rewrite PSP pre-order. The drama CD is highly restricted by Prototype (the company that ported Rewrite to PSP) So naturally I'm not gonna post the drama CD in my YT channel.

Official Another Story Rewrite : Chapter 1
Seeking for a Small Happiness
01 - cover - Kotori
Word count roughly 2950 words.

"I've found something so outrageous..."
It was skillfully hidden between the wall and the shelf in the social study preparation room.
It was preserved securely inside a zipper bag.
"What's wrong, Kotarou-kun? You look pale."
"I was asked by a teacher to return teaching materials back to the room, and... I found something that will bring us to dreams and adventures..."
"I don't get it."
"Take a look at this...!"
With my shaking hand, I passed the four-fold paper.
"Looks like a map to me. Huh!? This is..."
"That's right..."
I gravely announced.
"...A treasure map."

[Greetings, my glorious fellow of Treasure Hunt Club which has accomplished numerous of great achievements! Due to unfortunate circumstances, the club had to be disbanded for the decrease of member. Even so, we believed that the spirit of treasure hunting is forever everlasting within the upright and proper high school life, and thus we have hidden our treasure at this place.]
—Treasure Hunt Club President

That was the message written on the blank space of the map.
"Is this for real?"
"The plastic bag has started to deteriorate. If it was just a lie, they certainly had too much time in their hands."
"We'll know whether it's real or not if we just look for it. You're in?"
"I don't mind looking for it, but, what kind of place this map points to?"
"Dunno. Must be somewhere around here in Kazamatsuri city, I guess?"
"The area's too vast."
"From my point of view, this must be leading us to the famous Tokugawa buried treasure."
"Baseless speculation."
"Or it must be Toyotomi buried treasure."[1]
" other words, it looks interesting, so whatever will do~ Right?"
Kotori sighed in resignation.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

First of all, we visited the school library.
We were going to check the Atlas to identify the place of the treasure.
"Hope everything goes well..."
"Of course it can't be so easy. But I already prepared for the worst. I am no amateur. We can't underestimate Tokugawa."
"You ARE a total amateur, so you're totally underestimating him now."
"Huh! Just watch me."
I pulled the large Atlas out from the shelf.
On the map I discovered, there were no name of the place written down. Only the directions to the treasure were described.
On several part of the road, names like "Forestry Road", "Great Swamp" and "Road of Lily of the Valley" were written finely.
That was all the hint we had. There was no information to identify the location at all.
And I thought it would be easy since we already had the name of the road.
I sighed through my nose.
"If I find the treasure, I'll give you five hundred million. You can even buy brand new mink coat this year."
She said it hollowly. She didn't believe in me.
But I thought that would be over once we identify the treasure location.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"...I can't. I can't find it anywhere..."
Two hours later, I had almost threw in the towel.
I had thoroughly examined the maps of Kazamatsuri city, but there was nothing specific.
"Searching in the net doesn't solve anything either."
Kotori returned after browsing through the net with the computer provided in the library.
"Well, it is a treasure map. Of course it can't be too easy to figure out."
"As expected from Tokugawa. He doesn't just make the cuckoo cry."[2]
"This quest is doomed. Wanna go home?"
She started to get ready to go home.
"That's too quick! I ain't gonna give up so easily, not yet!"
"But you're in deadlock, aren't you?"
"Uh... Just wait for a bit..."
Even by racking my clueless brain, a new possibility I didn't even consider flashed into my head.
"Oh, could this be referring to non-official names?"
"You mean?"
"There are names or terms that only locals would know about, right?"
"Ah, that might be true..."
Kotori nodded several times.
"The locals, huh... So we're gonna have to ask the locals who were around by the time this map was written, huh?"
"Yeah. I guess we should ask around senior citizens.."

And thus, we headed to the staff room.
First, we explained the situation to the people I think would be old enough, among the people I have talked with.
And our conversation partner, Ms. Nishikujou's face was frozen solid.
"Uh, umm... Sensei?"
Her face was the same as always. The usual gentle smile.
But, deep inside must be different. I had the hunch.
Nishikujou-sensei was looking the same as always, but she had transformed into a completely different existence.
Yes... She had turned into malevolent being, The War Conqueror of Boiling Death of Objection, Nishikujou-sensei...[3]
"Um, by estimating, uh... your age... We would like to hear about your advice, by any means..."
"What... did you just say?"
Her voice was shaking.
"Ko- Kotarou-kun, this can't be good..."
Kotori whispered into my ear.
"Ah, sorry, Sensei! But among of the people I know, you are the oldest one..."
Aaand, I just delivered the final blow.
"I'm just about at the same generation as you guys!"
Ms. Nishikujou swiftly stood up straight, and threw several darts at lightning speed to the dartboard fixed to the wall.
Ratatat-tat! All of them hit the center.
I don't know much about rules of darts game, but her accuracy rate was tremendous.
"We're just... about... at the same generation...barely..."
And she started bawling sorrowfully.
"...we're very sorry."
Both Kotori and I bowed down our head at the same time.
After that, we asked around the elderly teachers, but we didn't get any more new clues.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

"'s all over."
"I thought so from the very start."
Now that our plan to ask the elderly had failed, the same went to our path to the treasure.
"Let's wrap it up for today and go home..."
"I have a small errand to do in the forest."
I know that Kotori has a hobby to walk around in the forest.
"At this late? It'll be dangerous once the night falls, you know."
"It won't be any problem. That goes the same for you too, right?"
"Well, I am, for one, a local, after all..."
When Kazamatsuri kids go to play outside, playing in the forest would be their standard game.
But since people have gone missing from time to time each year, of course most parents would never allow that.
That said, most people would stop playing at the forest by the time they reached middle school anyway, so people like Kotori are quite rare.
"Should I tag along with you? As a gratitude for today."
"Nah, it's not a big deal. I'll be fine on my own."
"What kind of errand it is?"
"...taking care of the flower bed."
"I made one when I found a good place in the forest. I wanna see how it's going."
"You're being too hardcore on your gardening hobby... It's a waste to put it where nobody can see it."
"I'm still learning, so I don't want it to be seen."
She's so serious about this.
So much that she would risk her life?
I felt bad for trying to get into her way.
" least let me tag along until the Demon Mask Rock."
It's the name of an armful of rock located at the entrance of the forest, out of the neighborhood.
It's a natural, non-artificial rock which has holes that made it look like a demonic face. So before we knew it, the rock had already gained that nickname.
Inside the forest, the sight is continuously similar. Amateurs would lose sight of their direction in no time.
But once they get used to it, they can find landmark like this from place to place.
Playing in the forest also means to learn and remember a lot of natural landmarks.
"This far is enough. Thankies."
Up until I accompanied her to the Demon Mask Rock, suddenly I got enlightened.
"Hey, maybe the treasure map is pointing to the animal trails in the forest."
"It was written like 'Forestry' and 'Lily of the valley', right?"
Once again, I spread the map I brought and took a look at it.
"Maybe they're how the routes in the forest were called back then."
As I said it, I had the feeling that this might be the right answer.
It must be codes only known by the locals at the same generation.
The difficulty to cipher these codes must be increasing as time progresses.
And the treasure which was just a practical joke would turn into real myth.
"So, how are we going to verify that?"
It's the same. We just have to ask the "kids" at that time.
But it's not clear when was "that time", so we had to ask wide range of generations.
I couldn't think of any other methods but to request our parents to ask around in their workplaces.
And we were right on.
✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Saturday, early morning.
Kotori and I departed from our houses with full equipment.
Via our parents, we asked a wide range of ages, and the mystery of the map was solved easily.
Seems that the terms like "Forestry Road" and "Road of Lily of the Valley" were used by the people around here, on the generation around 15 years older than ours.
"It's just about the same when kids pick a name for various landmarks in the forest. Like how the Demon Mask Rock was known as Demonic Rock back then."
"So, the road is the same?"
"Yeah. See? Here is the Forestry Road."
Pushing our way through the thicket, eventually we came to a broad area that looked like woodland path.
Kotori raised her voice in disappointment.
"Isn't this the Brown Bear Path?"
That's just how our generation used to call it.
It's said that this was an animal trail which gets passed through by brown bear on daily basis, and that's why the trail got this wide.
Of course there's no real brown bear in this area, so there were some theories stating that it might be passed through by some mysterious large creatures.
"But in fact, it was a logging road that hasn't been used for decades."
On the unpaved smooth ground, there were no grass nor tree blocking the way.
This is a forestry road that had been maintained by kids and small animals from age to age since long ago.
"Walk for a while, and we will end up to the Great Swamp... Although that place is known as the Mysterious Crater for us."
"The one that was rumored to had mini UFO or mini meteorite crash?"
"Apparently it was a swamp in the old days."
Now that it had dried up, it had turned into sandy soil basin.
"Generation gap is so interesting," Kotori said in admiration.
Everything went great so far.
Kotori had been singing in great mood as she walked.
"The prey nonchalantly turned up~♪"
"...stop singing such unsettling song..."
"Want some wheat chocolate?"
"'re too relaxed in this."
Even though I was already equipped with wood pole (rolling pin) just in case.
Fortunately, we reached the Great Swamp without any trouble at all.
After walking further for ten minutes from the Great Swamp as a reference, we reached our destination ground.
"According to the map, there must be something like stack of stones around here somewhere..."
"There is a pile of stones here, though."
"...close enough."
The piled up flat stones poked its head from the bushes.
It's the exact match with the illustration of the cairn drawn on the map.
"A treasure... Here...?"
"Let's check it out!"
We tore down the pile of stone with our hearts pounding hard.
Looking at what was inside, Kotori displayed a joyful look.
"It's a pigbanky!"
A piggy bank sealed within vinyl bag appeared from inside.
"...this coin container is the treasure?"
Kotori shook the piggy bank.
It made jingling sounds played by heavy coins.
"It's filled! It's filled quite a lot!"
"Seriously? Just small changes? I thought the treasure would be more like... "treasure!", you know?"
I tried to wade through around the piled stones, but I couldn't find anything anymore.
"...nothing... There's nothing more...!"
"What a waste to open this! Well, I'll just keep it as it is, then!"
"Hold on, Kotori! Let me check what's inside!"
"Whaaat? You're going to break pigbanky open!? I have gone through so many troubles raising this piggy bank, you know?"
"Why the hell do you like small changes so much!?"
"Even if it's just a small happiness, once you pile up a lot of it, it will turn into a big happiness, you know!"
"Don't give me that wise-saying crap! Anyway, it's not impossible that something other than small changes are stored inside. Maybe, something like gold coins..."
"But the lid is clogged, so there's no other way but to break it open."
"Let's break it. Break the hell outta it."
"Poor thing. How cruel... Kotori-san despise your course of action."
Damn, we're going nowhere like this....
"I'm going to open this. And if it's full of small changes, I'll give them all to you."
"Really? Is that really okay with you? That's some tasty deal!"
"Yeah, take them all! Even if they're five hundred coins! But if they're gold coins or something alike, we'll split them even."
Kotori growled for a while, but eventually she nodded slowly.
"Fine. But let's break it once we're home. Until then, I'll give my love to this buddy! I'll hold dear this farewell!"
"Just do whatever you want..."
Once we returned home, we broke the pigbanky (Kotoribulary had gotten into me) on top of a spread newspaper.
"...Th- this is...!?"
Looking at the contents, Kotori's eyes sparkled even more, while I was getting disappointed even more.
What stored inside the belly of the pig is...
"The treasure of Treasure Hunt Club are... They're... They're just jagged ten yen coins!!"
Jagged ten yen coin.
It's like normal ten yen coin, except with jagged edge.[4]
There's only few of them, because they were issued only at specific period of time. So there are some enthusiastic fan of these rare things.
"Woah! Whoaah! What a happyness!!"[5]
...for example, this person.
"What the heck with all of this..."
All the strength left my body at once.
Kotori started to count the amount of the jagged ten yen coins with the happiest face of hers I've ever seen.
"There are about 300 coins. That makes the total 3,000 yen."
Despite of this and that, it turned out to be decent in amount.
"...I'll let you have every of it. I promised you."
"Really? Sorry for all the trouble!"
"Sigh... I just gradually lost my spirit since we found the pig bank..."
Looking at me being down, Kotori said this sympathetically:
"Kotarou-kun, the one who makes fun of a jagged ten yen will cry over a jagged ten yen. Being fine adults means that we have to look even to these small happinesses and live straightforwardly."[6]
"I'm still just a snot-nosed brat... I just want to pass through the peak of my life with a bang..."
"Oh well. Since I feel bad for having these all, as my gratitude I'll take you for lunch in non-go-round sushi parlor."[7]
"That's just impossible with such small cash... I'm telling you, don't force yourself..."
Kotori grinned broadly and tossed up a single jagged ten coin yen.
The coin was pressed tightly inside folded carton with punched-out hole layered with plastic, like inside a vacuum pack.[8]
Among the pile of jagged ten yen coins, there were several others jagged ten yen coins being packed inside that kind of paper folders.
"What's with them? Are they new?"
The jagged ten yen coins inside the paper packs were so shiny like brand new coins.
"I would say... That's because, in terms of coin grading... they're mint coins."
"It's on the highest mint state. It has no trace of wear or scratches, and the shine on the surface was kept as the same as when it was manufactured. See how shiny this is? Isn't it brillante?"
"They're beau-tiful, but in the end they're just ten yen coins!"
"This is an uncirculated coin dated back to Showa period. If we sell this alone to auction..."
"In auction?"

The buyout price was sixty thousand yen.

With the money in our hand, we went to the high class sushi restaurant on Sunday.

Then I ate the sushi so vigorously in the restaurant which doesn't include the price in their menu.[9]
"They’re GRRREAT!" was so blissful.

"The jagged ten yen coins were only manufactured between 1951 to 1958. The most valuable ones are the ones marked 1951 and 1958. The perfect mint condition, or the Brilliant Uncirculated of these coins are nearly nonexistent. That's why the market price is about fifty to sixty thousand yen."[10]
Kotori explained the mechanism to me who was intoxicated in celebration.
"The treasure is real! ...wait. There are still a lot of them left, right?"
"No. I'll put the rest of them into my happyness collection."
"You're not going to sell them!?"
"Will not."
"Sell them! And split in half with me!"
"No. I'll just look at them with with a big grin on my face from time to time."
"Well, the treasure will be useless then! Let's just sell them, and together we can become millionaires! Okay?"
"At least, just some of them... Okay, Kotori-san?"
"No means no!"
At the early Sunday afternoon.
With her contagious laughter, Kotori ran off as I chased after her.

[First Chapter - End]

Translation notes:

[1] Japan is crazy about hidden treasures like this. There are legends about Japanese war fund being buried somewhere, but so far said treasure(s) are yet to be found, so yeah, legend. Tokugawa's buried treasure is the treasure that said to be hidden during Tokugawa's reign, and possibly the most famous hidden treasure legend in Japan- although it is said that Toyotomi's treasure is much more valuable. Either way, they're just legends.[^]

[2] This is referencing to a famous Senryuu poem which is usually taught to children. This poem taught about Japan unification by three powerful feudal lords which ended the constant civil war. Tokugawa Ieyasu's famous line is 鳴かぬなら、鳴くまで待とうほととぎす | Nakanu nara, naku made matou, hototogisu (If the cuckoo doesn't sing, wait for it.) This line is about perseverance, patience and wisdom, in contrast to Nobunaga Oda's "If the cuckoo does not sing, kill it" which shows about ruthlessness and impatience, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi's "If the cuckcoo does not sing, coax it" which is more about smooth-talk and negotiation skill.
In other note, the kanji 鳴く for "sing (bird)" is read as なく | naku which also means "cry" (yeah, I'm pretty sure you already picked this up from Higurashi or Umineko), so Kotarou is probably thinking that "Tokugawa" didn't just make a bird cry, he also makes Kotarou (and other treasure-hunt enthusiasts) cry in a long period of trolling with hidden treasure.[^]

[3] Nishikujou-sensei in this sentence was written as 煮死苦情戦征 (read as Nishikujou-sensei, no, seriously)煮 ni (boiling) 死 shi (death) 苦情 kujou (objection) 戦 sen (war) 征 sei (conqueror) thus... The War Conqueror of Boiling Death of Objection.[^]

[4] For comparison:
Brand new 10 yen coin (marked Heisei 15 or 2003) and ギザ十 gizaju (jagged ten yen coin, marked Showa 29 or 1954)
For additional information, some coins have jagged (reeded, ridged, serrated or grooved) edge so that people won't shave or clip the precious metal from the coin (it means the coin would lose its real value/weight - but still being used as legal tender with the written value.) I guess ten yen coin lost its jagged edge due to inflation, making it's less worthy than it used to be (back in late 50s, 10 yen was the most valuable coin). Although nowadays jagged edges or rims are more for aesthetic purpose, since coins are no longer made of real precious metal like it used to be.[^]

[5] "Happyness" is not a typo. Kotori said しわせ shiyawase instead of しわせ shiawase (the correct one). Kotoribulary is unique![^]

[6] Kotori is referencing to a Japanese proverb, 一円を笑う者は一円に泣く Ichi-yen wo warau mono wa ichi-yen ni naku (Those who make fun of one yen will cry over one yen). It's equal to English idiom "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves".[^]

[7] Non-go-round sushi parlor is the opposite of sushi-go-round parlor (or more known as Kaiten Sushi or Kaitenzushi or Conveyor belt sushi). Note that Kaitenzushi is the less-expensive alternative for those who want to eat sushi with more affordable price(usually they use lesser quality ingredients from non-kaitenzushi parlor), so obviously, a proper, non-go-round sushi parlor is more expensive and high in quality, definitely not someplace where high schoolers would dine in. There's actually a cheaper alternative than kaitenzushi, which is sushi being sold in supermarket or convenience store.[^]

[8] Like this:[^]

[9] I think it's a common knowledge but I'll tell you anyway: When the restaurant doesn't include price in their menu, the higher chance that they're so goddamn expensive.[^]

[10] The highest price of jagged ten yen coins is based on the year they were made in. The 1951 because it's first manufactured on that year, and the 1958 because it's the last manufacture year. The 1958 ones are more valuable because there were only 25 million of this coin distributed (in contrast to the 1951 - 100 million coins distributed, and the largest number is 1954 - 520 million coins). Jagged ten yen coins in bad condition would worth about 50 yen by now.[^]

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