Imaginary Friends

I am such a forever alone guy...
I think I already mentioned how I like being with my imaginary friends in my imaginary world. Sheesh, that's just pathetic isn't it?

And it's not like I don't have any RL friend. Actually I have some best friends. I don't have many, but having them is all I need.

And, especially I differentiate "classmate", "teammate" and "colleagues" and "friend" and "best friend". Sometimes I also use the term "someone I happen to get around with".
In my country, "friend" is a common term for everything I mentioned before. So, your classmate is basically your friend. Your teammate is your friend. Your colleague is your friend. Enough with the hypocrisy. I hate it when they use me and then they'll say "Hey, I'm your friend, so it's okay, right?"

Under such condition, I prefer to hang out with my imaginary friends. Speaking bluntly, actually I often think about how self-righteous I am to use my imaginary friends. If I get bored, I summon them in my mind as I please. In the end, perhaps the relation of me and my imaginary friends is just a mere "tool" and "user".

Well, since they're my imaginary friends, they behave like what I want them to be. Of course none of them would admit that they hate it to hang around with me. After all, it's all created in my head.

Anyway, here is the girls I like to hang around with.
I managed to color them, fufufu~

Let's introduce from left to right.

Shinoka Mine 篠岡美音 (16), the pink haired petite girl.
I actually made her as side chara, but in the end I like her so much.
She is short, about 145cm. But unfairly, she has a pretty dynamite body.

Aikawa Yoruko 愛川夜子 (17), the fair lady with her black-silky long hair.
She is a rich lady, and she has a butler and well you know... (the story is getting so cheesy here)
She refers herself as "Yoruko" and she is very innocent. Basically, she's cute.
She is skilled in swordplay.

Sakuma Kara 佐久間空 (17), a mysterious cool girl.
She's perhaps the one who has been with me longer than anyone else.
She often calls those younger than her with '-kun'.
She hangs around a lot, but no one really knows about her.
And, she's good at self-defense and using firearms.

Utsuki Keiko 空木圭子 (17), a girl with unimaginable strength.
Actually I made her as the 'protagonist' of the otoge version of my original game.
The original game was supposed to be a half-simulation, half-RPG with male protag. Since I think the guys are pretty charming, I think it works as well to be otoge *slapped*
And, while the male protag stat is more to skill and speed, her stat is more strength and vit. Pretty uncommon, huh?
She likes to wear hoodies (just like me). And she often comes without anyone noticing it.

chart version~