Hibiki Yoshizaki x DAOKO - GIRL -lyrics and translation-

This is the sequel / prequel / related to ME!ME!ME!
NSFW, I guess? Not as bad as the predecessor, but still NSFW.

WARNING: NSFW Video. Contains mature content.

The lyrics were taken from the official source.
Anima(tor) Expo #31 GIRL
「私は女の子」 "I'm a GIRL"
The song is separated into two parts, which is
Side-A 「さみしいかみさま」"Samishii Kamisama" GIRL Edit, and
Side-B 「ゆめみてたのあたし」 "Yume Miteta no Atashi" GIRL Edit

Music: Hideya Kojima | 小島英也 (ORESAMA) and DAOKO (TOY'S FACTORY)
Arrangement: Hideya Kojima | 小島英也 (ORESAMA)

「さみしいかみさま」GIRL Edit (Japanese Lyrics)

Samishii Kamisama GIRL Edit (Romaji Lyrics)

Lonely God GIRL Edit (English Translation)

さみしいかみさま | Samishii Kamisama Full Version

「ゆめみてたのあたし」GIRL Edit (Japanese Lyrics)

Yume Miteta no Atashi GIRL Edit(Romaji Lyrics)

A Dreamer I Was GIRL Edit (English Translation)

ゆめみてたのあたし | Yume Miteta no Atashi Full Version