I'm about done with my finals. Whoohooo!
And a hundred and four days, trying to figure out what to do each day! Woohoo!

Yesterday and the day before were hellish. Damn finals.
And, I got a lot of things to do.
I have to translate a lot of songs (now I'm taking this too seriously, even though I started it just to kill my time)
And I'm not even done with HGSS, RSE and DPPt. BW2 is already out damnit! I have to finish them all before October. Sigh.

And, surprisingly, a game project my friend created back then when I was so small, he said he's going to resume the long postponed project after all these time.
Actually, 3 years are long. Long enough to make me fantasize about those characters I made for his game. And, we had a lot of disagreement (perhaps) about the character profile and such. I'll tell the details later, maybe.

So, he's going to make game with RPGmaker. And I was assigned to design the character, making the character sprites, avatars and such.
While for me, I want to make Visual Novel eroge with a lot of stories I already made in my dirty head. Three years it is, I never forget about the characters I made. I even made some side story hentai manga I posted on facebook (eep, it's kinda embarrassing, after all it's NSFW, the storyline is f*cked up and extremely cliche)

Since I had a little disagreement concerning the character and stories, I think I will make a slightly different character for his game, while I keep my original one for me and my (maybe someday I can make it true) visual novel project.

So here is the main heroine. I made this as a comparison for him to decide which one to keep on his game.

^I want to keep the right one.^,
because I've been drawing her like this for 3 years

In my universe, her name is Asagiri Setsuna 朝霧世繋 (before, I named her Kirisaki Setsuna). Her name "Setsuna" is taken from "setsunai" 切ない = painful, as in my universe, she suffered a lot in her childhood. I used unusual kanji for her name,
世繋 which I translate it as "world connector", which in my universe, she came from a different world.

And, actually this is the first time I color like this. The result is unexpectedly well for 30 minutes in photoshop without any tablet.
By the way, Setsuna-chan in my universe is also my imaginary friend, but I don't talk to her much. I like her though. I think I draw her a lot for my campus assignment (lol)

And, my drawing style is so inconsistent.

The first time I made her was the a. I personally like how bushy the eyelashes I drew.

Then, b, my first time trying to color it digitally. It was June 2009 (eh, it's in the middle of holiday, really?) The body proportion I made back then was really awful though.

And c, is done in July 2009. My 3rd attempt drawing in SAI. I think the coloring is better in this one.

d. I don't even remember when did I make this. It's my favorite drawing style btw.

e is doodle.

f is the first time trying to color with pencil color. Not bad (I think). And I'm using it for future reference.

g and h, I'm trying to get rid make use of my pencil color and soft pastel, and the first attempt to draw realistically and semi-realistically. Fail.

ijkl, don't mind.

And the newest one is here.

I think, perhaps I'm downgrading. Sigh.