fhána : Sonata to Interlude - Complete Album Lyrics

This is the complete list of lyrics and English translation for the songs from
Sonata and Interlude | ソナタとインターリュード
TV Anime Sora no Method | 天体のメソッド image album by fhána.

There are total 8 tracks in this album, but not every of them has actual song in it, so I'll just put the ones with lyrics here.

ホシノカケラ | Hoshi no Kakera

約束のノクターン | Yakusoku no Nocturne

春を待って ~Joyeux Noël!~ | Haru wo Matte ~Joyeux Noël!~

天体のメソッド ~Quote from Stardust Interlude~ | Sora no Method ~Quote from Stardust Interlude~