planetarian - Hoshi no Hito / Keifu -English translation-

Before everything else, I must tell you that this is an unauthorized translation. I have contacted Suzumoto Yuuichi via email, but both his twitter and blog are kind of... abandoned. His last blog update was on May 2013 and his last tweet was on November 2014. I guess he hasn't been online for a while now....
In the term of usage, it is mentioned that Suzumoto-sensei would probably get upset and depressed if anyone's posting his original stuffs anywhere else without his permission. So, I am terribly sorry Suzumoto-sensei! But I feel I have to post this beautiful story! Should in the latter date he ask me to remove this, I'll gladly do it.

まず、この英翻訳は無断の翻訳であります。涼元悠一先生にもう連絡しましたが、たぶんメセージが通じられなかったみたいです(泣)。申し訳ありませんでした、涼元先生!お約束破られましたけど、planetarian English ver.が発売あと、英語で読むみんなさんにもすごく大人気ですから、この素敵なストーリーも英語を話すみんなさんにも知らせたいです。

Planetarian / Genealogy
from planetarian ~reverie of a little planet~

Original work of Suzumoto Yuuichi | 涼元悠一
Original url:
ps: download the pdf in original Japanese, link above.

Anyway, this short story is not published under Key VisualArt's, so this is a fanfiction of planetarian, written by the original creator of planetarian. Yeah...
The story is kind of similar with Hoshi no Hito drama CD. But this one is in novel format.
Also, did you know why I ask you to download the pdf in the original Japanese? Well that becoz I suck and I need ya all to help me refine this translation. Please!

Planetarian / Genealogy
from planetarian ~reverie of a little planet~

Suzumoto Yuuichi

The old man had a dream.

It was raining.
Lying flat on the warm mud, he could only breathe shallowly, and waited for the moment when he would no longer be himself.
Discarding all the equipment he had, dragging his one leg which would no longer be able to move anytime soon, tumbling down, crawling around... Thus he got away. And in the end of his escape, rain poured down yet again.

Soon enough, he wouldn't feel any cold, nor would he be dry.
Perhaps he would die here.
Fear and the like had already disappeared long ago, and he should had no more debt left in that rotten world anymore.
However, something he stored inside the waterproof case in his pocket was throbbing just like passionate flame, not letting him stop his breath.

Before long—
There was a faint presence beyond the drizzling rain.
It was footsteps from several people.
"It must be auditory hallucination", or so he thought at first.
He grew accustomed to despair, but he was not familiar with hope.

Soon after, the footsteps approached him.
While he was thinking over again, one of the footsteps stopped beside him.
He could guess that the person was carrying a considerable weight judging from the creaking sound from the sling sack.

"Right leg, crushed, eh?"
It was a voice of a middle-aged man.
Then, the he felt like poked on his sides.
It was muzzle of automatic rifle. It seems that he was presumed dead.
Perhaps from that moment, that dead body would be torn apart...
He moved his arm a bit, fending off himself from the rude muzzle as if it's just a small fly.
Although he was taken by surprise, the middle-aged man came to know that he was breathing.

"Hey! You're... still alive?"
"... I guess."
He answered so. He couldn't even believe himself that he could talk, as he appeared like a reluctant undead.

"Are you a junker too?"
He was asked with the rifle muzzle remained in place.
It made the question even harder to answer.

Indeed he was, when he was in the sarcophagus city dozen hours ago. But as for now, he's already out of business.
What followed next was another emotion arose.
Surprisingly, it was shyness.
All those lunacy and ridiculousness were a sign that he had lost to the temptation to make his calling a reality.
Right, he didn't mind at all.
After all, ever since the first idiot looked out from his cave, the same kinds also existed as numerous as the stars.
He replied—
"I am a starteller."

Decades had passed since then.
Although, it felt as if it happened just the other day......

The reminiscence melted into the rain, and reawakened his sense to another presence.
Another footsteps.
No. This one was different.
This time, it was too systematic.
It was the sound from what which looks human but not human, approaching him out of pure obligation.
It has much slower pitch than the one he knows.
But, it has the same nature.
The old man knew what was that.

At the moment the stubborn eyelids finally opened,
Before his very eyes was a woman with her beautiful blonde hair.
The jet-black religious habit wrapped her well-proportioned height.
As she covered him who lay on his back on the bed, she smiled faintly.
Her figure really didn't resemble that girl at all, but it didn't really matter for him.

"Right, the memory card......"
With his right hand which hardly followed his will, he explored around his chest.
The waterproof case which should be there... wasn't there.
It was a box with a treasure inside, instead of the valuable cigarettes. It was a box he would never ever let go, he would never ever let water gets in— even during the long painful journey, no matter what kind of predicament he met.

With only his arm, he gradually searched around his bedside.
He felt something on his fingers.
Something which seemed to be a small box.
He left it open and grasped something hard from deep inside, and picked it up with his trembling fingers.
It was heavy like calibration weight. ....No. What was heavy was his arm. With that arm unwilling to follow his intention.... Slowly, really slowly, he moved it up to his sight.
The small memory card... had changed into a small cross.

At the core of his muddled memory, a ray of light abruptly sparked.
That's right. Even that was a treasure.
Levi, Job, Ruth. The children who had ancient names. It was something given to him from those children as an exchange for the memory card— the mark of the planetarian.
They would surely be sad. Or perhaps angry. Even though there were still so many things to teach, the teacher himself already turned so worthless.

But, it was alright.
Those three would do well for sure. He, just with artificial stars, only showed them nothing more than a glimpse of truth they had from the very start. Before long, they would notice it on their own. And then, beyond their senile age, that truth will go on all the way....
He realized it himself that he was smiling.
As if everything went just as her insight, the nun smiled as well.
On her chest was a holy cross.
Then the old man wondered why she appeared here.

"......You came to pick me up, huh?"
The old man said.
But, there was no reply.

"......the gate, is there only one of it?"
He immediately added.

"If there are two... Then, I'm not going......."
He was trying to make a joke, but it still felt a little tense.
The nun with golden blonde hair tried to move her noble lips.
Yet, there was no voice could be heard from them.
Probably due to had been left for a long time, the vocal apparatus might had already lost its purpose.

The silent conversation lasted for about ten seconds.
Before long, the nun slowly knelt on that very spot.
As she made a prayer, she clasped her both hands, then closed her eyes.
That gesture said more than thousands of words.
The old man also closed his eyelids as enticed.
Like all the power had been cut off, everything was covered in darkness.
But it was only for a short while.

His consciousness returned as white as perfect clear, along with his sight.
Hidden in the snowy field of South America, the parlor of the underground residential area. The high ceilings with lighting embedded, and the soft bed with clean sheets.
Remained neglected in the corner of the room was a rough portable handmade projector.
But, there was nothing to worry about. After all, it would be maintained into a better condition under the hands of the new owners.

Like a kid waiting impatiently for sunrise in summer days, the old man rose himself from the bed.
He set his both feet down to the floor and stood up.
The right leg -which should had already been lost- was there, and he could move it freely.

From the entrance of the parlor, the bright orange light came leaking out.
It was a nostalgic, a very warm color.
The old man went close to it, simply attracted to it.

There was a large dome-shaped room.
The indirect light with low luminescence was spreading on the high hemispherical roof.
The countless seats were circularly arranged as to surround the center.
The seats were closely packed with audience.

Here and there, it was everything he knew by sight.
There was a little girl, with a bouquet of flower roughly as big as herself on her knee.
When their eyes meet, she waved her hand back and forth adorably.

The old man proceeded to walk to the passage.
A couple of young brother and sister were sitting side by side.
To his curious younger sister, the big brother told everything he knows about the craters on the moon.

A single step, another single step.... Each time he advanced, everything returned into colorful vividness.
There were the young, but also the old ones.
All sort of families, friends, and even lovers were there.
Every of them, seated comfortably, were looking forward to the show that was about to come.
It didn't strike him odd.

The old man had already learned.
In this dome of heart, not even time and distance would be a barrier.
Precisely because it's dark, it can project all the events.

Right at the center of the audiences, there was a large two-ball type projector.
As if it was a brand new, just delivered from the factory, all the parts were assembled without any flaw,
and the lenses were polished to a transparency like one of a precious gem.

Next to it was a robot standing.
With the long parted hair and large ribbon decorating it, with her appearance still the same as a fifteen years old girl, she entwined the fingers of her both hands in front of her body, and smiled to him.

The old man was no longer an old man anymore.
With the heart and appearance he had when he spent the time with her -in the forgotten planetarium, in the city sealed within the rain-....

He spoke up.
"It's been a while."
"Yes. It has been a while."
She replied.
With a steady movement, she titled her head left. The optical resin which serve as her eyes narrowed with a squeak.

"You look well."
"Yes. After all, I am a robot...."
When she was about to continue her words,
unexpectedly her eyes became clouded, and tears flowed down her cheeks.
They continued to flow down, soaking her uniform necktie and wetting the name tag on her chest...
As if they represented the feelings which cannot be expressed by mere words.

"I see. So now you have the capability to cry......"
He approached her, then he gently touched her hair.
That's right. It was not so surprising.
Because, human's wishes as well as robot's wishes, they're all granted here.

"That's right, Mr. Visitor."
That meek robot could only answer bashfully.

"I'm not a visitor."
He gently replied so.
Around them were her colleagues lining up, watching over the two like witnesses of a wedding ceremony.
It should be their first time meeting, yet it felt like they're all fellows who had been working together from long ago.

Then, realization dawned upon him.
This is the genealogy of the "planetarians" who were born and raised in this planet before one knows.
And now he joined them in the front seat.

"Come now, let's start the projection."
He silently declared, and smiled at his female companion.
And thunderous applause resounded.

~the end~

TL Notes:
See the similarities with Hoshi no Hito drama CD?
Well yeah, that's because this was that and that was this.

I changed several terms in comparison to the popular subs of the drama CD available around internet, though.
For example:
- Instead of "Man of the Stars", I translated 星の人 (Hoshi no Hito) as "planetarian". According to this dictionary, "planetarian" means "a staff member at a planetarium" or "an inhabitant of a planet". In this case I think the latter meaning goes well as "hoshi no hito" translation (in this case, I think 星 (hoshi) translates better as "planet" instead of "stars".)
- Instead of translating 星屋 (hoshiya) as "Stargazer", I translated it as "Star Dealer". Junker's "name" in Japanese, 屑屋 (kuzuya) roughly means "the people who sells junk" thus "junker". I've considered renaming it "star-er" but that's just a whole completely different meaning lol. Also it makes more sense since he's traveling to "sell" knowledge about stars, not to look around to view stars.
Edit: I followed the anime subs and changed this term into "starteller". It's way better.
- Of course, "Lebi, Yob and Ruts" is a very bad translation, probably due to lack of research before translating. I don't blame them (the translators of the Drama CD). If anything I'm grateful to them. But the correct spelling is "Levi, Job and Ruth".
- I also translated Yumemi's nickname for the junker, not "Mr. Customer" despite the official translator said so, but "Mr. Visitor" because it makes more sense to me (selfish reason)