not dead

Unfortunately, I am not dead... yet.
I know I have been doing nothing lately. No more uploading to youtube, no more translating, no more drawing, no more et cetera, et cetera and et cetera.

The main reason is that I'm preoccupied with real life stuffs. I'm looking for a new job, because my current workplace is led by assholes and of course the place itself is shitty. The co-workers are awesome tho, but the management etc is awful lot. My family went to ruins, everything feels so negative etc etc. So until I get myself a new job, I won't be doing anything worthwhile.... in this digital world.

For youtube: I haven't uploaded things because:
1. I'm busy IRL
2. I'm avoiding copyright infringement thing
3. I'm simply lazy
Actually there are a lot of to-do-videos and subs since... like 2 years ago, but I just can't do it anymore.
For the copyright things, actually someone recommended me to join a network, but when I read the ToS and whatever was that, it seems money is involved (of course) and I absolutely hate it. So, nah.

For translating things:
Again, I actually have a lot unpublished translation but before publishing it I tend to take a lot of time to recheck everything and it usually take a lot of time. And I have no time for this.
There are some lyrics, and there are some short stories I translated. Little Busters! After Stories is postponed, sorry. The first one is already done, the second one is the same as one in LB!SS and the third one is still in indefinite hiatus like Togashi and HxH.
I also translated Suzumoto Yuuichi's fanfiction... of... planetarian? Do note that this short story wasn't released officially by Key, making this a fanfiction from the original creator of planetarian. The translation is complete, although I feel there's still something off. Suzumoto's choice of words is a bit more antique than most of Key writers after all... except for Kashida Reo I guess. But I haven't gotten a reply from him if it's alright to publish it. His last blog post was on May2013 and his last tweet was Nov2014, I don't know if he's just busy or missing...? But he stated that he would be sad if people publish his works without his permission, so I'll just wait indefinitely.

I've been drawing a lot than before, I think. But still unsatisfactory.