I think I already posted in my previous diary that I want to start 4koma about me and my imaginary friends.

Hahaha. I don't think I will be able to do that anyway.

Humm. Even though I am so busy struggling with html and css, I take a short break to write and upload this nonsense lol.

Here is "Shirane Hito", the portrayal of myself in my imaginary world.

It's not clear enough from the front, but here's her hairsytle.

Her profile is here:
Name : Shirane Hito 白音ヒト (pseudonym)
Age : 21 (eternally, lol, perhaps no)
Occupation : freeloader, college student, artist
Hair : black, long
Height : 170cm
B-W-H : 70-60-80
Smoking : no
Drink : yes

Even though she was supposed to be me, she doesn't look like me at all (lol)

Our differences:
- She's damn tall. I'm shortie (about 155cm)
- Tareme (I'm not tare)
- She's much boyish and masculine than me (I am tomboyish but I'm still feminine compared to her)
- She's flatter than me (lol, I am flat myself but Shirane-san is more pettan)

And of course I still want to preserve my characteristics on her.
- We're both female (lolwut, of course)
- My eyes are slightly uneven, so I tried to put that on her too.
- Antenna-hair (even though mine isn't that striking)
- low/med-ponytail (It's my favorite hairstyle even though I'm currently short-haired)
- We're both heavy drinker. Urgh, it's a bad habit. And that's the reason why I make her 21. It's legal.
- Our choice of fashion, much less the same. I love hoodies.

And that's the end of my ridiculousness. Now get back to html css hell