If I die

I want my good organs to be donated.
Then the rest of the scrap meat can be fed to stray dogs and cats
(or human too, if they want to. I've always wanted to know how human flesh tastes like)

I don't want any funeral. No cremation either.
Just throw away my carcass to somewhere else,
maybe to the ocean where it can be a good source for shark's food,
or a deep woods. Let me decay there.
Living people shouldn't keep in contact with the dead.
I find it ridiculous to visit grave or something.
Please, don't waste your time and money for someone who's already dead.

People must forget me within one year.
I don't want to see people crying over my death.
If anything, I want them to laugh and say "Oh, good now that he's dead."

I want my desk and all my possession to be burnt away. NO ONE CAN SEE WHAT'S INSIDE.
Seriously, throw and burn the desk and its contents.
Oh, but maybe I'm okay if my old clothes can be donated to people, orphans etc.
But just don't touch my creations. They're my shame and pride.

I want to say sorry to my family for being nothing but a burden.
I want to say "Smell ya later f*ckers!" to my friends.
I want to apologize to those who subscribed to me. Or reading this blog anyway.
"Sorry, this is how far I can go. Thank you for all of your companionship. It was fun."