Little Busters! After Stories - translation project -

This time I tried translating the short stories available in Little Busters! Ecstasy : Perfect Visual Book.
The book contains three individual short stories. These stories are supposed to serve as "After Stories" for our beloved members of Little Busters. (Although "Bokura" no Asa from Little Busters! : Perfect Visual Book is much more compelling.)

The first story is Stars far away written by Shirokiri Chika. Translation status: 100%. Currently proofreading it by the time this blog entry was posted. But again, it's me who proofread it, so mistakes and error galore~
The second story is A Snowy Day written by Kashida Reo. This is actually the same as Little Busters! SS Vol. 4 but I'll release it in different post with different formatting.
The third story is 理由知らず旅に出る彼へ(Riyuu shirazu tabi ni deru kare e: To him who goes on a journey without knowing why) written by Tonokawa Yuuto. This one, I haven't read it at all but it seems it's about school sport fes or something... much more random and fun?

Once again, raw provided by Rincchi.

If anyone's up for proofreading it, I'd happily accept that offer and let you punch me with the fist of grammar-righteousness.