Rewrite Harvest festa!

So, the latest from Key Visual Arts, Rewrite Harvest festa! will be released in near future, for exact, this July 27th.

The opening video was released on June 10th. And, well, we can have a lot of reviews here.

First of all, the opening looks so... ordinary. It's like ordinary visual novel or eroge opening. Somehow, unlike the previous Key's game opening, this lacks so many things. Maybe because unlike the previous Key's games, this one is kinda happy-go-lucky and, merrier. And, I don't know, but again, the opening video looks really ordinary.

And, the song. The opening song is "Harvest", sung by Tada Aoi. Unlike many other Key's previous, this one sounds really happy. And, doesn't leave any good impact on me even though it's pretty ear-catchy.

Last, for the CG. I thought Hinoue Itaru has improved a lot after Rewrite, but I think, she's back to her awfully bad proportion. The one really caught my mind is that swimsuit CG. Oh god, that's awful.

Just look at Chihaya's and Akane's face and shoulder. The rest is up to you.

The Kotori's part is so cute, though. Lucia was my favorite girl from Rewrite, but I think I love Kotori the most now.

Bad reflection on Shizuru's CG. I know this is a common mistake for artists, but, for a long-time professional, well...

And for Lucia's part, erm. It's kinda too raunchy so I don't want to put any image of it. You can see it yourself in the video. And, is it still all-ages? Perhaps I'm just being too naive because of cultural differences, but, I wonder if it's okay to let elementary school students see those things.

And, this Akane's CG. I think her face is so... weirdly distorted. Or perhaps it's just me.

I've been playing Key's VN for a long time. I played One -Kagayaku Kisetsu e- too. I know Hinoue's drawing style. The pentagonal wide face, the big, square-ish eyes, and a lot of bad proportions. Some are inconsistent. I think she often make mistakes when drawing 3/4 to 7/8 face angle.

And, this one really for the last. The logo.

This one is taken from the official site.
I don't know about you, but I think putting a lot of unnecessary images of flowers, and even Chibi-Mosu on the logo is not wise. Well, I know perhaps the flowers are the representation of the girl, but still... not aesthetically good.

By the way, I like the summer uniform. Even though I felt so stiflingly hot with the winter uniform (like what we saw on Rewrite), I think the summer uniform is so refreshing even though the difference is just on the sleeves.

And, seriously, Chihaya? Why are you still using that old uniform?