Little Busters! fanfiction - Fuyu no Hanabi -English translation

This time I translated a fanfiction of Little Busters! written by yossy. It's perfect for Christmas, so why not!?

Fuyu no Hanabi
Winter Fireworks

Written by yossy from the doujin group Sky Skipper.
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Story synopsis: A story centered around Komari and Kyousuke in Christmas time.
Winter Fireworks

Separating myself from the hustle and bustle of Christmas party, I looked up to the night sky.
The weather was nice, so there was nothing to block the light from those stars which looked like about to fall right now.
I like it when we watch the stars together in the summer, but I think it's also great to silently watch them in the clear atmosphere of winter.
I wonder what the silently sparkling stars are thinking right now.
That's what I blankly thought while touching the star-shaped hair accessories I always wear. But, as the chill slowly came and soak my body, my body shivered.

" cold."
I held myself to fight the coldness.
No good. At this rate I'm gonna be out cold if I stay in daze like this.
Seemingly heard my words just then, someone put a jacket over my shoulder.

"What are you doing here? You're gonna catch a cold."
A voice full of glistening joy, a gentle voice nevertheless. Listening to this voice always makes me feel at ease.
He quietly smiled and stuck something on my cheek.
I was surprised and immediately held it on my hand. It was a can of hot tea. The slight warmness was so tender.
"Many thanks to you too, Komari. You prepared most of the food, didn't you?"
Kyousuke-san said as he opened his own canned coffee. "Pssh," the can fired a pleasant sound.
I did the same and sip the milk tea slowly. The warmth gradually soaked into my body.
"No, it's not a big deal. Kuu-chan and Rin-chan helped me a lot too, so it was really fun."
"I see. Good for you then."

"Kyousuke-san too, thank you as always."
The Christmas party today was also proposed by Kyousuke-san. He arranged the reservation for the dining hall, decorated the room together with everyone, and he even cooked. Just like always, he was really in high spirit.
"Hm? I'm just doing it because it's fun."
He said that so easily.

"And it's much better when others are having fun too."
"...though, I think we were having too much fun."
It was alright when we had dinner together and played several games, until Yui-chan popped out a pie out of nowhere and threw it to Masato-kun. Then Masato-kun threw it back, but it hit Kengo-kun instead and... the rest was just like their usual uproar.

"I wonder if they're going to be alright?"
"We're talking about those guys, so I don't see where the problem is."

While we were talking like such, another voice came from behind.
"Oh, my. Isn't it Komarin and Mister Kyousuke we're having here?"
"Haru-chan, you okay?"
"There is nothing impossible for me. (Though actually I was hiding behind Anego all along)"
Haru-chan said while laughing dryly. Her trademark pigtails were swinging merrily.

"Anyway, Saigusa... What's that you're holding in your hand?"
Kyousuke-san asked when he saw the plastic bag on her hand.
"Oh, this? I found this in our club room some time ago."
She took out the contents rustlingly. Inside the pop-patterned bag was something long and narrow.
"...Fireworks, eh? That reminds me, I was wondering where I put that leftover from summer."
"Ya know? I thought maybe we can do it while we have the chance."

I would have never thought about it before, but fireworks in winter might be wonderful indeed.
"That sounds fun~"
"Right, Komarin? Right?"
"They're not damp, aren't they?"
"Nah, they seem deadly alright."
"I see. Let's do it then! Call everyone out!"
As soon as he said so, Kyousuke-san leaped out, shouting "hyahhooi!" at the top of his lungs.

We'd probably get a lot of scolding if they found us, so we stealthily moved to the backyard.
There were not much of the flashy ones, but it's not like we only had few left. So we distributed them to everyone, and decided to play with it one by one.
But still, Kyousuke-san and Kengo-kun held the fireworks while running around. They accidentally put Masato-kun's clothes in fire. Then Riki-kun and Rin-chan tried to put the fire out in panic. We were having so much fun. We laughed so much.
The sparkling lights on the cold sky were so beautiful on their own.

"Hey, Kyousuke-san."
"Hm? What's it, Komari?"
When we almost ran out of the fireworks, I sat down while watching everyone, and called out that lone man.
"Is it cold? Well, today is a bit chilly, so don't force yourself."
Maybe he noticed the expression on my face, so he was being considerate about me.
"No, that's not it."
"Then, what is it?"

To that question, I decided to speak up what I had in mind while watching the others from distance.
"We've only been doing it in summer until now, but winter fireworks are really pretty."
"You're right."
Kyousuke-san also set his eyes to the same direction.
Before long, only sparklers were left. Mio-chan took some while silently murmuring something. Rin-chan looked at the sparklers with a great interest. And next to her, Riki-kun gently watched over.
"But, while it's just as pretty as in summer... No, even much more than the summer ones..."
The last sparkler which had already lost its power -although we thought that it would let out a strong spark for only a while- went out and fell to the ground. Everyone couldn't help to sigh at once, watching such scene.
"It felt... somehow lonely."
"Why is that?"
Kyousuke-san turned to face me.
"Fireworks will come to an end eventually."
He tried to say something, but I saw him gulped down his words.
"It makes me think that... someday, these fun moments will come to an end as well."
His lips turned into a straight line. I guess it made him troubled. Even so, I continued talking as my heart told me to.
"And then... I'll become... so lonely...."
Then, I watched Kyousuke-san beyond my slightly shaken vision.
I thought, if it's him, he could do something about it. I thought he would give me the words to dispel this anxiety of mine.
"What a despicable girl," I thought of myself as I was having such thoughts. Even so, I couldn't stop my feelings.
Short silence followed after.
The white breath which came out along with the words, silently vanished.
With his still serious face, Kyousuke-san slowly opened his mouth.

"You really are kind, Komari."
Kyousuke-san said so while stroking my head. That hand was so warm.
"...You're right."
Then, while looking a little down, his low and quiet voice started to speak out.
"I'll get a job very soon. Komari, and the others too, will graduate in less than one and a half year. That's right..."
As if he just realized it once again, he put a lonely smile.
"We will have to say farewell to each other and live on our own. That's just given."
Listening to those bitterly spoken words, I was waiting for something like "hope".
"...We can't change that fact. No one can. Not even me."
Hearing those words, I felt that was really thoughtless of me.
Even Kyousuke-san, who always pulls everyone together and makes anything possible like a superhero, has something he cannot possibly do.
And yet, I'm here just hoping that he could do something about it.
I'm really sorry, Kyousuke-san.
When I was about to tell him that's enough, the words I thought would never continue, interrupted me.

"Even so, even if it's a given, the unthinkable might happen."
Even though I was confused, I was reminded of what happened this summer.
About the distressful events which befell upon us.
About how all of us tried to connect hope as much as possible.
....And, because something beyond our expectation happened, now we are still able to be here.
"Don't you think that something that you or me would never expect could happen?"
Even for Kyousuke-san, there's something he can't do. Something he never even thought of can happen. So, that alone made him realized the importance of present time.
So, I should think so as well. Alright!
"So, rather than worrying of what's ahead of us, let's just have fun to the fullest right now!"
There was something even brighter than any star shining in the night sky. The smile that looks like one of a mischievous kid.
I was lured to smile as well.
Our breath was sparkling, like cloud full of stars.