Today is Sunday. Too bad that from a long time ago, I can not enjoy Sunday at all.

Anyway, it seems that I have been receiving clap from unowns.
Hell, I know that that is the risk of having blog. Your diary, being read by anyone around the world. But still, I think it is pretty embarrassing, hahahaha. Especially, bah, my doodles.

I didn't tell my friends that I started a blog. Well, that is just, umm, attention seeking, right? I only told it on my deviantart page, which is not largely viewed by anyone, duh.

Personally I dont like to tell my accounts on web to my RL friend. Of course, facebook is an exception. The point is that I dont like that they look at my da / pixiv / youtube / whatever account just because they are my RL friend. I want to be noticed because of my works, not because of friendship, or even fake friendship.

Anyway, whoever you are who are secretly watching me and clapping at my entries, I thank you. I hope you can leave a comment. Just like in DA, I prefer if you comment, not just fav or clap.

And the rest of this entry is trash, do not read.
Anyway, here is the doodle of the day.
The hell with this, I am not even...

Well, quick doodle in the middle of my boring class.
If you notice them, they are my OCs, I think I draw them a lot.
They are also my imaginary friends. Pretty close to me, they are.
Female is Shinooka Mine 篠岡美音, male is Kageyama Hiro 影山寛.


They are couple. Hiro-san is 2 years older than Mine-chan.
They first started as a complicated couple, but well that is past.

Even though I pictured them in pretty nasty and dark relationship, well, I just want to depict a different form of their relationship. Works pretty well gg
Anyway, their relationship is sweet and nice. Completely different with what I draw here.

By the way, I think I want to make 4panel comic, starring me (I mean, not me, but my self portrait, erm, fiction persona) and my imaginary friends.
Shirane-san and imaginary friends. Hahahahah lol, I cant even imagine.