can't wait

Can't wait for Pokemon BW2.

I'm currently playing RSE now, in order to beat all the game again before BW2.
Actually, somehow my brother was tickled to play again, just like me.
Now he's playing Black. Before, I played Black because he played White.

And, he's kinda irritated because he can't win from Cheren. Hahaha.

"I can't win...."

He even said that Cheren is the only rival he thinks hard to beat.
Well, and later he'll be a gym leader. Maybe he won't hold back. Eep.
And here is Cheren and Bel. Actually, I love this shipping from the very first time I played BW.

I think there is some certain reason why Cheren is not using his glasses anymore while new Bel is bespectacled. fufufufu....