Little Busters! SS - Complete Translation List -

This is a complete list of this is the complete list of English translation for Little Busters! SS, collection of official Little Busters! short stories available for smartphones.
Published by Key VisualArt's.

"Little Busters! SS" is the official short story from the popular romance adventure game "Little Busters!" Before, the stories were released in various media such as magazines and booklets, and now you can enjoy it as smartphone applications! Feel free to read the whole length stories in only around 10 minutes to enjoy the depth of characters from Little Busters which were not told in the original media.
These applications are not voiced.

One day, fine day

Little Busters Kansatsu Nikki | リトルバスターズ観察日記

Aru Ame no Hi no Koto | ある雨の日のこと

A Snowy Day

Shiawase Hitotsu to Aoi Tori | 幸せひとつと青いとり