Short story translation status

So, I finished translating all of Little Busters! SS, so after this one I probably won't be doing anything worthwhile so I guess I wanna try going to another dimension because my work here is done. I'm out, peace.

No, going to another dimension is definitely out. Actually every time I look at my wrist I have a strange urge to cut it. I guess I'll try that one. Mmh, but cleaning the blood afterwards seems to be troublesome, so maybe not.
Just kidding.
I want to keep active at translating, even if no one appreciate it. I'll do whatever I wanna do! Ha-ha-hah!

I have several things planned out and I hope everything will go according to keikaku (keikaku means plan). Because I'm bad at planning and when I do things usually fall apart. I work better on random impulse.

So I guess for the next Short Story Translation I might work on Little Busters! After Stories which is available in Little Busters! Ecstasy Perfect Visual Book, provided by Rincchi here. There are several other short stories I want to translate too, but I guess I'll die before translating all of them.

Translating is hard. Translating bears a huge responsibility. I'm not confident with my Japanese and English and everything else because I'm a loser, I have huge issue with confidence and that's how I am so even now I'm still unsure whether to continue translating or not. Different wordings can change what the original writers try to imply and glob knows that translators are human too, they might get too immersed in their own interpretation and missed something, especially in something which is artsy and poetic like songs and perhaps light novel or short stories.

If anything, I'm far from professional translator. I still check dictionaries here and there (both language because I'm dumb, so so dumb for real), I'm still slowly learning and I know, perhaps someone like me shouldn't translate at all, because I'm just not competent enough for that.
Also, translating requires time, and as I grow older maybe I won't have so much time to translate this and that. Translating these stuffs doesn't get me anywhere, I can't get money from this unless miracle is real and there's a great offer to be a magical girl from a white fluffy alien. Perhaps someday I'll snap and throw all of these "everyday activities" when I realize that there are far more important matters than deluding myself in this false fame and self-gratification.

Even so I wanted to leave something in this world that can make people think that I'm not here for nothing. I want people to be thankful that I exist(ed) here. Sure, that's just my selfishness, but I really just want to be useful, I just want to contribute something for this world and its residents.

...and I realize that my obsession to be useful is slowly going to turn me into an awful person.