I saw a rather realistic dream this morning.

This morning I saw a dream about myself. It was false awakening.
I was waking up, getting ready. Suddenly I realized that I got a scar on my chest, right in the middle. The scar was relatively new. I thought it's like a open heart surgery scar. I touched it and it stung. It hurt. Also, a bit upper from that scar there were marks. It was something like scalded skin. Somehow that marks seemed to form a word. Maybe 4-5 letter word. But I could only remember two letters, which is IX. Probably it's roman letters, which means it could be number. The word was... _ _ I X _ or flipped, because I wasn't sure if I was looking at my scar through mirror or not.

I woke up rather abruptly in the middle of dream, which is why I could remember it pretty clearly. Right after I woke up, I immediately checked on my chest and confirmed that it was indeed just a dream.

But it was pretty scary. I checked over and over again to make sure that it was, it was really just a dream.