it's okay


I tried to draw a sequence of my dream last night.
But I don't really remember the whole dream except for this scene hahahah lol.

It was kind of.... hmm. The setting was like old Japanese era but with magic.
There was some kind of war, I think. But I don't remember much.

The sequence I drew here was from my dream. The boy, Shuu, slept with this girl, his girlfriend which I don't know her name. But for some reason he felt guilty about it. I don't remember why. Shuu kept saying "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I defiled you. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I'm sorry I defiled you." But his gf then said "It was not your fault. It was not your fault. It was my own will. It was not your fault."

Out of that long ass dream I only remembered this part. For some reason this scene really hurt my heart which makes me still remember it even now. Actually in the dream Shuu cried but I am bad at drawing expression which is why the comic is lame. The girl was supposed to look more mature but I don't remember her face at all, unlike Shuu.
Also for some reason the dream is in Japanese but I completely understand it, even though IRL I only understand maybe like 30% Japanese.

Staying up late makes me dream a lot.