tablet practice~

I don't draw much recently because I've been just playing games all the time.
So just recently I tried to redraw something I created years ago.

sorry it's ridiculously big. I forgot to resize it orz

I did this less than 2 hours while casually switching SAI with internet browser. What I mean is I took very short, well because it's just a lazy half-hearted doodle.

Anyway this is the old one. It's really... really badly done. Bad proportion, bad coloring, bad everything and I even didn't draw the background and just lazily put some random photo from internet. Horrible beyond words. But even so it still took me days to finish this bad piece and I was somehow proud of it. But then, bad it is, it's still something I did and the fact that now I think it's bad, perhaps it's a sign that I'm improving slightly somehow.

Not that I'm saying that the new one is better, though.... I still have to learn a lot but laziness just kicks in every time I put on my tablet.

Anyway these characters are OCs for the game my friends and I tried to make. Well, you know, we were (and still are) chuuni so we did this kind of project which is likely to be postponed forever lol (and I wasn't wrong).
Though I actually make my own story with these characters without my friend's permission but I don't care lol.