doodling time!

Sometimes I get really really bored at work and spend my time doodling random things.
(lots of pretty big images. open at own risk. there's nothing risky though. except maybe slight spoiler for a game that was released 4 years ago.)
Ayano from Kagerou Project. I honestly think she's an angel.
...except that we don't know if it's true or not. I kinda expecting some kind of crazy plot twist in the entire franchise. Maybe something like Kuroha is actually good and the evil one is someone we could never thought of.

Pokemon XY's Serena. I actually like her default design, but in XY we can be fashionista.
...not that I've already played XY though. 3DS, come to me.
(Nevertheless I already thought of my team. I want Greninja, Lucario, Charizard and Florges, and the rest I forgot. I want Gardevoir too. And others.)

Something I drew after playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorer of Sky.
I'm a female Charmander and my partner is male Lucario. Somehow I was imagining scenario like visual novel with cheesy romance (lol).
Charm wearing Rio's hoodie, I guess it's kinda similar to wearing your favorite person's cloth.

About PMD, I played the Red and Blue Rescue like yeeeears ago. I just started PMD: Explorer of Sky a week ago. I think I prefer the story in Explorers. The partner character is more than just a random Pokemon finding you. And also, the feels. I thought this game is targeted for younger demographic, but story is darker and edgier than any other Pokemon franchise. The ending scene especially. I honestly thought of Clannad After Story when the partner was remembering our moments together. (Cue Toki wo Kizamu Uta).

And then he broke down crying. Right in the feelz, man...
(And then I wonder why didn't I name them Nagisa and Tomoya)
I was like.... "Oh come on, don't cry now.... You're my strong and brave partner... Don't.... Don't you dare... to cry on me.... Waahhhhh.... *sob*"
And it's still just the first ending. I'm going through the second ending now~

Also, I can't draw Pokemon! Pokemon anatomy is hard.