Why is it called White Day again?


So there's this day when boys return the feelings from the Valentine chocolate last month, and it's called White Day. Apparently it's not really celebrated anywhere but east Asia. Well, yeah, because in other countries boys DO give chocolate and gifts on Valentine too! Which means... yeah, Valentine is a little bit different in Japan. Wonder why.

Also, do you really need 1 f*cking month to reply? Seriously? Why must you wait that long, I mean... GIRLS WANT CHOCOLATE TOO. Oh wait, actually girls in Japan DO give chocolate to each other on Valentine too. Something like friendship choco instead of the usual obligatory choco or love choco if it's not Yuri choco.

But unlike Valentine -which is really chocolate related-, White Day has various gifts (though mostly white). Perhaps something like white chocolate and white pantsu and marshmallow. Funny that my father bought us a big pack of marshmallow out of nowhere today despite of not knowing what the hell White Day is.

By the way, South Koreans are rather creative to emphasize that feeling of singleness. For those people who are single, they got some celebration called Black Day. Those single people gather and eat some kind of black noodle to celebrate their singledom. Which is quite happy, but actually really... really sad.