cherry-blossom colored valentine


Pink is like the color of love, so I guess it's very romantic to have pink-colored Valentine.
Though in Japan, it usually still snows in February. Cherry blossoms usually starts to bloom around the end of March to early April, but it depends on the area and the climate too. Oh, who am I kidding. I've never been in Japan before and I never saw any cherry blossom before. Loss of living in tropical country. But I'm always bad with cold so I got that going for me which is sorta nice.

Last year I made something similar with the theme "color of love" too. But it's a bad drawing so I didn't post it anywhere but facebook. But I guess it doesn't hurt to post it here lol.
Old drawings, yea.... I was still a tabletless people back then, so I was just coloring the sketch.
Same couple with the new drawing. My original characters, or my imaginary friends. I like to draw them.

Oh, yeah, sure. Funny, guys. Yeah, change of heart alright. So you think I would soften a little over a year? Sure....

Yep. Red is much more suitable for love. Red is the color of love indeed.
Spoke too soon, guys.