dark days


Actually this happened pretty long ago. Two or three weeks ago I think.

My hard disk drive is broken. (insert overly depressed emoticon here)
And it wasn't that old actually. I have this other old one which is already over 10 years old and still usable and good. This one which is broken is just 4 years, and it's totally dead. Seriously. No response at all. Not even clicking sound. Completely dead.

I already tried to use the HD with other cable, to other PC etc etc but it still doesn't work. All hope is lost.

The data was... well, of course lost. Though most of the data are just programs, games and visual novels etc which can be reinstalled. The save data, well, I'm a bit sad about that. I was replaying LitBus! and it's already halfway. Now I have to replay dem all over again *sigh* (Not that LitBus! is bad. It's just too long and recently I have no time to play.)

Good thing that my translation works are stored in somewhere else and mostly the translation alone I do in online docs.

And.... actually I don't really remember what I lost in that HDD. Because there are too many things inside. (Could it be the cause of HD failure? Like bad sector? Though I think it's unlikely since I think it's the power failure.)

One thing I remember is my works for campus assignment. They're not that good, but still, it's my portfolio. Now I can't apply job anywhere because I have no portfolio at all. *sigh*

Also. my unfinished drawings. I was drawing Rewrite's Lucia, and I was pretty proud of it, something along the line : "Man, I've never drawn anything this good before!"
But it's gone now. *sigh*

I guess I have to let it go. (sings Frozen's Let It Go) I still keep the HD though, waiting for a miracle (??).
I also have read some crazy ways to fix a broken hard disk drive, like: put it into freezer, slam it to ground, reheat with microwave, etc etc. I don't think those technique really works, I think it could worsen the condition. It's the information I collected from internet after all. Don't trust internet lol

Actually there's the data recovery service, but I think I won't go to such length since it literally takes millions (of my country currency) and to reach that amount I have to work for years. Damn it. Why is it so expensive? Reviving the dead really takes a lot of sacrifices.

Anyway, that's it. I'm still upset about it. Mostly because of how grim my future will be without my portfolio. I'm writing here to lift my burden a little. My blog, my yatsuatari.