Little Busters! SS - translation project -

Eyy guys.
I'm kind of busy lately, though, I still try to make my time translating things.

Currently I'm trying to translate Little Busters! SS.
FYI if you don't know, Little Busters! SS is series of short side story of Little Busters! and it's available in smartphones (iOS and Android). (I think the story was originally put in Little Busters! Ecstasy Perfect Visual Book, but since I don't own that book, I cannot confirm if it's true or not).
But, sadly I don't own smartphone because I'm old fashioned and a little bit bad with new technology. Thankfully, someone in the internet gladly posted the script in Japanese so I can just easily google translate it. Say thanks to Rincchi here~!

Though, it's my first time translating this kind of thing, so even I'm not sure with my translation work. Anyway, please wait for it~

By the way, since Key already made English version of Planetarian for smartphones, is it possible that they'll release this series in official English too? Oh God, I hope so. As long as the translation is good, unlike the official English translation for Flaming June album.