Official Another Story Rewrite - Chapter 6 : In the Spare Time Between Transcendental Thoughts

This time I translated the sixth chapter of Official Another Story Rewrite ~Ha Yure Sasayaku Komichi de~ This chapter focuses on Kagari in her process to find the right answer. hilarity ensues This chapter basically makes fun of the routes in the original VN, and thus, it is full of spoilers.
HeliosAlpha helped me a lot in proofreading and correcting my translation in this chapter (and a lot of them really, really needed correction and feedback). I guess "help" is an understatement. This chapter translation project is more a joint effort for us. Thank you so much HeliosAlpha for your contribution!

Official Another Story Rewrite : Chapter 6
In the Spare Time Between Transcendental Thoughts
06 - cover - Kagari
Word count roughly 2490 words.

Mizutani Runa - Innocence Eye -lyrics and translation-

Innocence Eye
Rewrite TV Anime ep. 15 Insert Song
Based on ヒナギク | Hinagiku | Daisy (Kagari's leitmotif)

Composition : Maiko Iuchi | 井内舞子
Arrangement : donmaru | どんまる
Lyrics: Ryou Mizutsuki | 水月陵
Vocal : Runa Mizutani | 水谷瑠奈(NanosizeMir)
Lyrics (kanji) taken from the booklet

ふわり不可思議 拡がる調和(Harmony)
悪戯な儚さと 束の間の夢

くるくる廻る 月影二つ
寄せては返すよう委ねて ささやかなサイクル

目には見えない力で 惹かれる感覚
微かに繋がるイメージ 浮かんでは消えて行く
声にならない言葉が シンクロする感覚

悪戯な微笑みに 思いあぐねる

くるくる廻る 月影二つ
止め処なく溢れる音に 鮮やかに煌めくの

ゆらゆらと舞い巡り 奏であう幻

優しく愁う瞳に 惹かれる感覚
僅かに繋がるイメージ 想いごと連れて行く

無垢で自由な言葉が 躊躇いを映し出す