Little Busters! SS Vol. 2 - Little Busters Observation Diary

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Little Busters! SS Vol. 2 is available in iPhone and iPad through iTunes Appstore and for Android in Google Play.

Little Busters! SS - Vol. 2
Little Busters Observation Diary
Planning ・ Scenario : Key
Artwork : Itaru Hinoue ・ Na-Ga
Music : Shinji Orito ・ Jun Maeda ・ Magome Togoshi ・ PMMK ・ Manabu Miwa

Story synopsis:
The second official short story from the famous VN Little Busters!
The story is centered around Komari and her merry life with other LitBus heroines. This time, Komari - who aims to be a story writer - is not satisfied with her current skill. With the way she is now, she doesn't think she can come any closer to her dream. Then, she notices that there's something lacking within her writings, and it is.... "suspense"....

artwork by Itaru Hinoue

Word count roughly 3000 words.

tablet practice~

I don't draw much recently because I've been just playing games all the time.
So just recently I tried to redraw something I created years ago.

sorry it's ridiculously big. I forgot to resize it orz


Not a long time ago my friend invited me to buy things from suruga-ya | 駿河屋. I don't usually buy things online, and if I do want to, I asked Hobby Japan (and yes, it's far more pricey than the original price). But in suruga-ya, it's different. Suruga-ya is like reseller of second-hand items and merch, and the price is so very cheeeeaaaap. I mean, depending on how old the items are, the price can be cut off even more than 50%. That's a really good deal.

Also, I said secondhand, but the quality is still very good, just like brand new. I guess it's just Japanese. Their second-hand items are still gorgeous and perhaps they have that kind of mentality: never sell something which is not in sale condition. Most of them are even still in mint condition.

Though, I heard somewhere that usually suruga-ya doesn't care much if it's shipping outside Japan. So, my friend asked for a proxy to send it here to my country, and blah and blah. Long story short, my package arrived!!!!



My hobby is to scribble now. I mean, office was boring so all I could do was doodle and scribble.

This time I tried drawing my YT avatar, CloveredCinnamon, in full size.

doodling time!

Sometimes I get really really bored at work and spend my time doodling random things.
(lots of pretty big images. open at own risk. there's nothing risky though. except maybe slight spoiler for a game that was released 4 years ago.)