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Rita - Lazurite Dreamer -lyrics and translation-

Lazurite Dreamer

Vocal & Lyrics : Rita
Composition : Shinji Orito | 折戸伸治
Arrangement: Soshi Hosoi | 細井聡司
Violin : Jun Takeuchi | 竹内純
Guitar : George Hattori | 服部成治

きっと あなたには もう一度逢えるよ
すぐに走り出すことは 出来なくても
だけど 信じてる
私のこの想い 胸にぎゅっと抱いて 歩こう

ラズライトの空は 高く高く青く
光の残像を 少しずつ落としてく

小さく丸まった影法師 踏んで
瞳を上げたら 眩しくて

見失わないように あなたの背 追って走り続けたの
この手 伸ばしたら届くはずなんだと 思ったとき

少し擦りむいた あの時の痛みは
胸の奥にしまわれた 小さな傷
たとえ行く先が 青の中 霞んでも

きっと あなたには 笑顔で逢えるから
すぐに飛び立てる翼 持たなくても
きっと 大丈夫
もう一度 追いかけよう
弾け旋回する 光

息を切らせながら 俯いた横顔
また 思い出してた
フィルムみたい 巻き戻る

あの高い空の 夏の記憶

例えば悲しいこと 多すぎて
心 動かないままでいたとしても
痛み重なって 止まらない涙を

そっと 閉じ込めよう
こんな悲しみだって いつか笑って 心の引き出しに
呼応する空気 夏の風 吸い込み
ラズライトの空を 見上げ

色が変わってく 景色が巡り来る
新しい日々のバトン 手渡して 
新しい私を包み回ってゆく 光

きっと あなたには 笑顔で逢えるから
たったひとつの 言えない 「さよなら」 も
きっと またいつか笑顔で逢おうねと
涙 拭いながら 歩く

あの日の痛みは ラズライトのかたち
そっとそっとしまいこむ 小さな傷

翼なくたって 飛んでゆけなくたって
私のこの足で 歩こう
季節重ねながら 歩こう

Little Busters! hand drawn PV - Maigo no Boku ni

I found this beautiful gem in depth of nicovideo.

The song is Maigo no Boku ni | 迷子の僕に | To My Lost Self
written, composed and arranged by KEI

The video was made by 梨箱 | ribako

The lyrics, is actually quite fitting to Little Busters!, and I am really impressed with this video because she (I assume ribako is a she) redraw the scenes in LB!~Ref~ last episode and also, with Bokura no Asa too. Really impressive.

See the lyrics and lyrics translation here.

Little Busters! SS Vol. 5 - One Happiness and Blue Bird

Please leave comments or suggestion regarding the translation.

Little Busters! SS Vol. 5 is available in iPhone and iPad through iTunes Appstore and for Android in Google Play.

Little Busters! SS - Vol. 5
One Happiness and Blue Bird
Planning ・ Scenario : Key
Artwork : Itaru Hinoue ・ Na-Ga
Music : Shinji Orito ・ Jun Maeda ・ Magome Togoshi ・ PMMK ・ Manabu Miwa (Manack)

Story synopsis:
The fifth official side story of Little Busters! A story of one noisy day with LitBus! heroines, with Komari as the main character.
Komari decided to do a room makeover in holiday, but then she noticed that there's something lacking, so she decided to look around with other Little Busters members.

Artwork by Itaru Hinoue.

Word count roughly 1770 words.

Little Busters! SS - translation project -

Eyy guys.
I'm kind of busy lately, though, I still try to make my time translating things.

Currently I'm trying to translate Little Busters! SS.
FYI if you don't know, Little Busters! SS is series of short side story of Little Busters! and it's available in smartphones (iOS and Android). (I think the story was originally put in Little Busters! Ecstasy Perfect Visual Book, but since I don't own that book, I cannot confirm if it's true or not).
But, sadly I don't own smartphone because I'm old fashioned and a little bit bad with new technology. Thankfully, someone in the internet gladly posted the script in Japanese so I can just easily google translate it. Say thanks to Rincchi here~!

Though, it's my first time translating this kind of thing, so even I'm not sure with my translation work. Anyway, please wait for it~

By the way, since Key already made English version of Planetarian for smartphones, is it possible that they'll release this series in official English too? Oh God, I hope so. As long as the translation is good, unlike the official English translation for Flaming June album.