Rewrite Arrangement Album : Branch - Complete Album Lyrics -

This is the complete list of lyrics and English translation for the songs from Rewrite Arrangement Album : Branch.
Published by Key Sounds Label

There are total 8 tracks in the album, but not every of them has lyrics on it, so I only put those with lyrics here.

Annabel - Orbita - lyrics

Original: Potted One

Composer: Iuchi Maiko | 井内舞子
Arranger: MANYO (Little Wing)
Lyrics: MANYO (Little Wing)
English Lyrics: Ayaka | 綾菓

Vocal & Chorus: Annabel
A.Guitar, 12-string Guitar & E.Guitar: Watanabe Kenichi | 渡邉賢一
E.Bass: Ishii Yasuyuki | 石井康幸
Additional Track: Nagao Yoshihisa |永尾ヨシヒサ

"Hello Hello?"
Calling for you from here

The whole world will shine
When you're smiling

You shed tears
I'll wipe them
So I can just
Play clown now

So even if
Destiny playing a trick

"Hello Hello?'

Orbiting around
You are the earth

"Hello Hello?"
I am your moon

Never apart
Never touch

A little celebration

It has been a long time (for me).

I've been busy the past few months because I had my final assignment.
And thus, I'd like to announce that one part of the whole exam has done, and now I'll proceed to the next step (which is easier but still important not to miss).

So, perhaps I want to thank you for you who encourage me (even though not directly).
Actually I'm very happy that a person like me can be useful for someone. So, every single gratitude I receive is like a injection of life for me.

I really appreciate the comments here in my blog and in my YT channel, and I'd like to apologize that I don't often reply to comments. But I always read every single comment, and I appreciate every single thoughts you give.

(And here I also want to apologize for not doing anything worthwhile for these past few months. I hate IRL.)