mamenoi - Tachyon - Complete Album Lyrics -

This is the complete list of lyrics and translation for the songs from
Tachyon, the first album of mamenoi.

Produced by Voltage of Imagination

There are 12 tracks in the album, but not every of them has lyrics on it. I only put the ones with lyrics here.

sasakure.UK feat. ChouCho - Butterfly Effect -lyrics and translations-

アネモネの花の香に 誘われて出逢ったんだ
君が笑うそれだけで 僕が笑うそれだけで
未来過去非線形流体 二人離れ離れ散って
君と僕の距離だけが 遠い遠い

僕は君の声を待つから 遠い君が明日を待つ
僕の手が届かないから 遠い君が指を切る
僕が無理して笑うから 遠い君が色を絶つんだ
君と僕の距離だけが 遠い遠い

着飾れた "約束"だけ
そばに落ちてて かなしくなった

その翅を 引き裂いて、小さな嘘。
気付いたんだ いつの間にか

君の心の裏を 掻き乱してしまうから
僕は受話器を置いた 君は声殺して泣いた
僕ら距離だけじゃなかった 遠い遠い

トロイメライ 胡蝶のもとへ

その翅を 引き裂いて、小さな嘘。
気付いたんだ きみの中に
不安、螺旋、欺瞞 打ちつけて
僕の前で 僕の前で

裸足で善かったんだ 歩いてゆけるから
地球の裏側まで その枷を外して

その翅を 引き裂いて、小さな嘘。
気付いたんだ いつの間にか
僕の前で 僕の前で
君の翅だけが 散らばって居た

遅かった 世界の裏は
満たされてた 僕の中の
不安、螺旋、欺瞞 溢れ出す
塞ぎ込んだ 僕の肢(あし)を


UK Rampage - The Five Minute Hypothesis -lyrics and translation -

soutaisei sonzai ron chuushouteki THRESHOLD (sureshorudo)
kakuhan sarete iku kuuri kuuron kuukyo

houwasei chou genjitsu kaigyakuteki PARANOID (paranoido)
kakusan sarete iku mumi mushuu mujou

LYRE (raia) no shounen wa shinja wo kaimami
chiisaku warau 「sekai ni imi wa nai」 to

DISPLAY (disupurei) no kazu wa rouba wo honrou shi
aimai ka shita ai to ao no kyoukai

― sonzai ron? tatoeba sekai ga mina gofun mae no “sekai” sura
hitei shite iru, to shitara? soutaisei? saikeisei?

gensou dare mo ga mina sono shoumei nado dekinai kara
aa bokura setsuna, sekai wo kanadete yuku ―

『youkoso bokura no toushindai sekai e.
sate, kimi wa nani omoi sakenda?』

rouba wa “senbetsu” wo
shinja wa “shinjitsu” wo
shounen wa “sekai” wo

aa tatoeba sekai ga mina gofun mae no “sekai” sura
kyozetsu shite iru, to shitara? soutaisei? saikeisei?

“gensou” de mo yokatta toushindai no oto wo narabete
aa gofun kan no yasashii sekai wo, souzoushiku mo

gensou dare mo ga mina sono koutei sura dekinai no sa
aa bokura setsuna, katachi aru uta utau―

Saya no Uta review

Since this week I had a lot of free time, I decided to try out Saya no Uta.

...yes, I am a slowpoke. Saya no Uta and its translation has been around since years ago, but I had to muster all my courage for it. Why? Because it is guro and ero. Honestly, I don't feel very comfortable playing erotic visual novel because it somehow hurts me as a innocent girl. Really, that was a joke. I am actually pretty pervy but I somehow don't really like to play eroge. Maybe it is because, I am still living with my parents and it would be hard to explain if they caught me playing eroge, or on top of that, eroguro game like Saya no Uta.

The visual novel is pretty popular and I saw in VNDB that a lot of users have given 10 out of 10 for this VN. Even JAST USA have licensed it and will release it... in the distant future, maybe? The popularity made this VN got adapted into three bundles of comic books. Yes, comic and not manga. I will put some review around the comic as well.

Let's move on to the basic information, easily found in wikipedia or such.

Saya no Uta 沙耶の唄 (lit. Song of Saya) is a visual novel released by Nitro+ in 2003. There was an unofficial fanmade English patch released on 2009, but they soon took everything off as JAST USA bought the rights.
The scriptwriter of this guro visual novel is Urobuchi Gen. His name alone brought the image of 'gore' in my head. He is pretty well known for his awesome work on Fate/zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and much more but for now I can only think of those two.
And before Saya no Uta, I have played Chaos;Head before. I wasn't very horrified with the gore in C;H, so with that thought, I think it will be fine to play Saya no Uta.

Okay, let's start the review and watch out for spoilers. This is gonna be a long read, even though the game itself is pretty short, it took me only a day to finish it.