G-Senjou no Maou review

Hello everyone.

Now I want to make a little review on G-Senjou no Maou.
Oh, god, why. Why didn't I have this a little earlier. I must say that I am quite ashamed to play such brilliant visual novel just now. I was way too late. But still, it's still enjoyable no matter how late you are.

Let's have a little information about this VN first.

G-Senjou no Maou (lit. The Devil on G-String) is a visual novel by Akabeisoft2. G-Sen was pretty well received, if I must say, it's the best VN of 2008. The full translation patch was first released in 2010's Christmas day (Wheew, it's a great Christmas present, nice doing, TLWIKI) and guess what, I played it in July 2012. After all, this summer break, I want to get crazy with anime and visual novels (because when I'm not in break, I don't have the chance to).
At first glance, I kinda wondered what kind of VN is this. By the title, I was thinking "Oh, perhaps it's musical VN like Symphonic Rain or La Corda" and "Oh, 'Maou', it must be something magical and RPG-like". While in fact, it's completely different. It's like detective story with a lot of thinking. I am stupid, so sometimes I have to process word by word to fully comprehend the situation. It took me a long time to play this, but that's worth it. In fact, sometimes I didn't even want to stop playing, I wanted to play this for 30 hours straight with no rest.

While I usually make a lot of spoiler at reviews, I want to restrain myself doing so. Why? Because the last part of this visual novel is really awesome, it's a waste to read spoilers of it. Don't ever look for information of this VN in websites especially wikipedia. You'll lost your excitement once you got the spoiler.
And, don't use walkthrough. It's much more fun to find the way on your own.
Especially, this is quite an unique VN IMO. In other VN, you pick choice between choices to get a flag. In this VN, the flag is always there, you don't necessarily do anything to encounter the flag. It's just your choice to drop the flag or go straight to the heroine you choose.

Imaginary Friends

I am such a forever alone guy...
I think I already mentioned how I like being with my imaginary friends in my imaginary world. Sheesh, that's just pathetic isn't it?


I'm about done with my finals. Whoohooo!
And a hundred and four days, trying to figure out what to do each day! Woohoo!

Yesterday and the day before were hellish. Damn finals.
And, I got a lot of things to do.
I have to translate a lot of songs (now I'm taking this too seriously, even though I started it just to kill my time)
And I'm not even done with HGSS, RSE and DPPt. BW2 is already out damnit! I have to finish them all before October. Sigh.

And, surprisingly, a game project my friend created back then when I was so small, he said he's going to resume the long postponed project after all these time.
Actually, 3 years are long. Long enough to make me fantasize about those characters I made for his game. And, we had a lot of disagreement (perhaps) about the character profile and such. I'll tell the details later, maybe.

So, he's going to make game with RPGmaker. And I was assigned to design the character, making the character sprites, avatars and such.
While for me, I want to make Visual Novel eroge with a lot of stories I already made in my dirty head. Three years it is, I never forget about the characters I made. I even made some side story hentai manga I posted on facebook (eep, it's kinda embarrassing, after all it's NSFW, the storyline is f*cked up and extremely cliche)

Since I had a little disagreement concerning the character and stories, I think I will make a slightly different character for his game, while I keep my original one for me and my (maybe someday I can make it true) visual novel project.

So here is the main heroine. I made this as a comparison for him to decide which one to keep on his game.

^I want to keep the right one.^,
because I've been drawing her like this for 3 years

In my universe, her name is Asagiri Setsuna 朝霧世繋 (before, I named her Kirisaki Setsuna). Her name "Setsuna" is taken from "setsunai" 切ない = painful, as in my universe, she suffered a lot in her childhood. I used unusual kanji for her name,
世繋 which I translate it as "world connector", which in my universe, she came from a different world.

And, actually this is the first time I color like this. The result is unexpectedly well for 30 minutes in photoshop without any tablet.