Rewrite - Visual Novel review -

Okay, now I will review one of the newest Visual Novel by Key, which is Rewrite.
...maybe it's not that new, but okay :l

Rewrite is the 8th title of Key's Visual Novel. Rewrite was released in 24th June 2011 and the first complete translation was done by Amaterasu around December 2012.

Before, I must warn you that Rewrite is very different with the other Key's VNs. Especially, the center of Key, Maeda Jun wasn't fully involved in script writing and instead, became the QC (maybe he just wanted to be the very first person to enjoy Rewrite lol). The scriptwriters were mostly taken from outside of Key. Tanaka Romeo serves as the main scriptwriter, and the other two are Ryukishi07 from 07th Expansion and Tonokawa Yuuto from Key. The combination of scriptwriters was rather unique, I think. Tanaka was well known for CrossChannel (sadly I haven't played it) and Ryukishi was well known with *** no Naku Koro ni (If you never heard of it at all, I'll smack your head). Tonokawa wrote several routes in Little Busters! even though they're pretty meh in my opinion.

Okay, let's begin the review, and watch out of spoilers.
It's going to be a long and boring read, so prepare yourself :p

Rose Guns Days season 1 Review

So, I just played another VN by Ryukishi07, which is Rose Guns Days.
The English patch was released in late January 2013, and you can get it in Witch Hunt Project Page.

Rose Guns Days is another VN by 07th Expansion, which has released popular titles like Higurashi and Umineko. Unlike the previous, this time Ryukishi07 didn't write something magical, horror or fantasy. And also, unlike the previous, this time the sprites of the characters weren't done by Ryukishi himself, but by 3 artists, Suzuki Jirou, Souichirou and Ninagawa Yaeko. (It's not like I have any trouble with Ryukishi as artist... Well, I did until I read how bad he felt about it in Umineko postscript. But sure it looks way better now lol)

Okay then, now let's start the review and watch out of spoilers.

Saya no Uta review

Since this week I had a lot of free time, I decided to try out Saya no Uta.

...yes, I am a slowpoke. Saya no Uta and its translation has been around since years ago, but I had to muster all my courage for it. Why? Because it is guro and ero. Honestly, I don't feel very comfortable playing erotic visual novel because it somehow hurts me as a innocent girl. Really, that was a joke. I am actually pretty pervy but I somehow don't really like to play eroge. Maybe it is because, I am still living with my parents and it would be hard to explain if they caught me playing eroge, or on top of that, eroguro game like Saya no Uta.

The visual novel is pretty popular and I saw in VNDB that a lot of users have given 10 out of 10 for this VN. Even JAST USA have licensed it and will release it... in the distant future, maybe? The popularity made this VN got adapted into three bundles of comic books. Yes, comic and not manga. I will put some review around the comic as well.

Let's move on to the basic information, easily found in wikipedia or such.

Saya no Uta 沙耶の唄 (lit. Song of Saya) is a visual novel released by Nitro+ in 2003. There was an unofficial fanmade English patch released on 2009, but they soon took everything off as JAST USA bought the rights.
The scriptwriter of this guro visual novel is Urobuchi Gen. His name alone brought the image of 'gore' in my head. He is pretty well known for his awesome work on Fate/zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and much more but for now I can only think of those two.
And before Saya no Uta, I have played Chaos;Head before. I wasn't very horrified with the gore in C;H, so with that thought, I think it will be fine to play Saya no Uta.

Okay, let's start the review and watch out for spoilers. This is gonna be a long read, even though the game itself is pretty short, it took me only a day to finish it.

G-Senjou no Maou review

Hello everyone.

Now I want to make a little review on G-Senjou no Maou.
Oh, god, why. Why didn't I have this a little earlier. I must say that I am quite ashamed to play such brilliant visual novel just now. I was way too late. But still, it's still enjoyable no matter how late you are.

Let's have a little information about this VN first.

G-Senjou no Maou (lit. The Devil on G-String) is a visual novel by Akabeisoft2. G-Sen was pretty well received, if I must say, it's the best VN of 2008. The full translation patch was first released in 2010's Christmas day (Wheew, it's a great Christmas present, nice doing, TLWIKI) and guess what, I played it in July 2012. After all, this summer break, I want to get crazy with anime and visual novels (because when I'm not in break, I don't have the chance to).
At first glance, I kinda wondered what kind of VN is this. By the title, I was thinking "Oh, perhaps it's musical VN like Symphonic Rain or La Corda" and "Oh, 'Maou', it must be something magical and RPG-like". While in fact, it's completely different. It's like detective story with a lot of thinking. I am stupid, so sometimes I have to process word by word to fully comprehend the situation. It took me a long time to play this, but that's worth it. In fact, sometimes I didn't even want to stop playing, I wanted to play this for 30 hours straight with no rest.

While I usually make a lot of spoiler at reviews, I want to restrain myself doing so. Why? Because the last part of this visual novel is really awesome, it's a waste to read spoilers of it. Don't ever look for information of this VN in websites especially wikipedia. You'll lost your excitement once you got the spoiler.
And, don't use walkthrough. It's much more fun to find the way on your own.
Especially, this is quite an unique VN IMO. In other VN, you pick choice between choices to get a flag. In this VN, the flag is always there, you don't necessarily do anything to encounter the flag. It's just your choice to drop the flag or go straight to the heroine you choose.