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I just looked back at what I've done. What I've posted here and there. Reviewing my past works (but not really).

I'm kind of sad that I can't be like what I used to be. Losing interest in one thing after another is normal. But still, I wish I could've done more.

But a voice in my head also said, "Isn't this enough? It's okay to take a break. It's even okay to stop."
Maybe just me trying to justify my laziness.

copyrighted and suspended lyrics

Uh, it's been forever since the last time I wrote a blog post. I originally created this blog for blogging but somehow it turned into a translation/lyrics site for some time agooo.

Anyway, if you followed me on twitter, recently I asked "Is posting lyrics+translations constitutes as copyright infringement?" and some people answered, "Yes it is totally illegal but it usually doesn't reduce profit, so whatever." I guess I kinda agree on that.

The reason I asked that is because I found that some of my blog post were suspended without my knowledge. Since when, IDK, but it happened.

Official Another Story Rewrite - Translation Project

Following the happy news that Rewrite would get an anime adaptation,
I will be translating the stories in Official Another Story Rewrite: ~葉揺れささやく小径で~ Hayure Sasayaku Komichi de (On The Small Path of Rustling Leaves).

For your information about the book:
Official Another Story Rewrite is an official short story collection written by the writers of Rewrite (credited as Key) and illustrated by ZEN. There are 9 stories and each is for a certain character (in order: Kotori, Chihaya, Akane, Shizuru, Lucia, Kagari, Kotarou, Sakuya and YO-SHI-NO!)
I will be posting the translation in that order. (Hopefully - I don't know how long it'll take to translate them all.)

I decided not to include the illustration included in the book. Not because I'm a cheapskate (I am). Not because I'm telling you all to buy the book to support the creators especially ZEN, the illustrator (actually, yes, please buy the book). But because my scanner is super shitty and with such potato quality scanner, such great artworks would be reduced to trash (real reason).

In addition, the first chapter of this book (Kotori's story) was made into drama CD available when you pre-order the PSP version of Rewrite (also in the Vita version, for limited time only though). I actually wanted to put the subbed drama CD in my YT channel, but I'll probably get a copyright strike for dat. So, no uploading drama CD. Sorry.



Read the comic here. It's in English though.

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